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Sonic and the Black Knight RP!(started and still accepting!)

Gir: Ruler of Tacoz

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all usual YCM and RP Rules

if a character is taken too bad, if the controler quit, i'll PM you and you can be that character

[spoiler=Plot(Info From Sonic Wiki)]

A sorceress named Merlina summons Sonic to help free the mystical realm of King Arthur, where King Arthur has been corrupted and is now ruling the realm as the tyrannical Black Knight. Sonic's speed alone will not end Arthur's reign, so he must take up the sword in order to save the kingdom.



[spoiler=Acctual Game Characters]



Amy Rose / Lady of the Lake

Black Knight / King ArthurTaken By: N/A(Un-Playable untill i say so!)

Blaze the Cat / Percival


/Shadow the Hedgehog / Sir Lancelot\Taken By: Me/Gir: Ruler of Tacoz

/Knuckles the Echidna / Sir Gawain\ Taken By Me/Gir: Ruler of Tacoz

/Sonic the Hedgehog\Taken By: galesonic

/Miles "Tails" Prower / Local Blacksmith\ Taken By: KWLegend

/Silver the Hedgehog / Sir Galahad\ Taken By: Eternal Zodiac(soon to be: Tsunayoshi Sawada)

/Jet the Hawk / Sir Lamorak\ Taken By: jadengt



[spoiler=Application(if you want to be a different Sonic Character)]


Character you want to be:

Type of Weapon(no guns and shiz):

Armor(can ba a pic of a human, but the armor the person is wearing is what your character wears):



[spoiler=Accepter(only for other Sonic characters)]




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ooc: \/\/007! SPRING BREAK! ok, now we start!



Lancelot Shadow walked thorought the Forest and noticed a Blue Lightning Bolt shoot down at Merlina House "what tretery!?" he said running over to see what happened


ooc: this basicly summons Sonic to the King Arthur World, but you can start in Mobius, but you have to be summoned into the KAWorld with your next post

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Sonic was surrounded by robots. he looked around and they had their cannons lokced on him. "oh man this isn't good." all of a sudden a blue lightning bolt hit Sonic, making him dissapear. The robots fired and destroyed each other. Sonic woke to find himself in a crater and in a new place he hasn't seen.

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