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Bear v. Tiger


Which would win in a fight?  

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  1. 1. Which would win in a fight?

    • Bear
    • Tiger
    • Tie

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Which do you htink will win in a fight;





I think bear would win

give reason why you think one should win

Why do yuo say give reasons if you don't give reasons?


Also this should be polls.


On Topic: Tiger. Bears are to slow to be able to cause enough damage to the tiger before it ends up dead. However the bear does have more power behind it's blows so if the tiger takes to much damage it will end up dead.

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sure' date=' the tiger is faster

but, hypothetical situation the tiger claws the bear

the bear has loads of fat,

so it might hurt but it's not a lethal blow,

and to retaliate, the bear would just slam it the ground and eat the tiger.




like i said, tiget attack first and soe nothing to bear = bear wakes tiger round head = bear full! yum yum!

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The only way the tiger would possibly win is if it had the element of surprise.


But, there's no reason a tiger would prey on a bear (big cats don't try to attack bears >_>), so the most likely conflict would be a result of them just running into eachother.


The tiger would growl and hiss at the bear, and the bear would stand up on it's hind legs to get a better look at the tiger. Then, either the tiger would leave, or it would lunge at the bear and go for its throat. The bear would bat the tiger out of the air with it's claw (most likely breaking its neck) and then finish it off if it hadn't already killed it.

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