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Final Fantasy X 1 1/2 Chapter 2 added [my first FanFic]


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It has been two years since Yuna and the others had defeated Sin, Somehow Sin has Been Revived By Seymour, Who we all thought they had killed.

Now We Need the Guardians and Summoners of Spira To fight.



^^^^I know it not good, but it a start

[spoiler=Character Form]

Characters Name:




Class:Summoner Etc. (Classes From FFX)



Anything to add for Your Character:



[spoiler=My App]

Characters Name:Vladimir









Bio:A Cocky Kid That is a Real Ladies man But Doesnt always think positive

Anything to add for Your Character:--------------



once i get at least 1 summoner and 3 guardians, i'll start writing



[spoiler=Chapter 1-The Journey Begins]

It was spring in Luca, Vladimir had just heard that Lukky was starting her journey today.

“I have to be at the Dock in about

five minutes” Vladimir Said while putting on his shoes.


Runi and Rakke had been waiting at the dock for about fifteen minutes

for Vladimir and Lukky.


While Lukky was running down the Street of Luca then she notices Vladimir.


“Well hello Vladimir, sorry I'm running so late.” Lukky Stated while walking up to Vladimir.


“It ok, I'm running late too.” Vladimir added.


“Hey Runi do you know what is taking them so long?” Rakke stated.


“Well Vladimir Had probably Fallen into a toilet or got beat up by a fly and Lukky probably got caught up in makeup and

making sure she has everything like her staff and potions and all the stuff Vladimir would probably forget” Runi said while

sitting down.


“Why do you hate Vladimir so much? You know he is the strongest out of all of us and yet you make him sound like

somebody who can’t even beat up a fly.” Rakke added while walking over to Runi.


“I'm just worried he may get too attached to Lukky and stuff, just like what happened to Tidus and Yuna.”Runi said in a sad



“Well you have to deal with love, if they both love each other; I think they should be allowed to love each other.” Rakke said



Meanwhile on the streets of Luca Vladimir and Lukky where talking and laughing until they got to the dock. Once Lukky and

Vladimir had gotten there, Rakke and Runi started to walk up.


“Took you guys long enough!” Rakke and Runi simultaneously said.


“Well, I had to do choirs, grab my scythe and potions plus I had to buy my new Armlet.” Vladimir stated while showing off

his glowing black armlet.


“I had to grab my staff, potions and phoenix downs and I had to tell my parents that I was going to be off.” Lukky said while

checking her backpack.


“Well at least you’re here now can we leave?” Runi added.


“Last one on the ship is a rotten Flan!” Lukky said while running towards the ship.


Everybody started to run and laugh and have a great time except the whole time when Runi looked at Vladimir she gave him

an evil look, like she wanted to punch Vladimir right in the nose. In Vladimir’s mind he wondering if she was making everyone

laugh just we all don’t worry about Sin and Seymour.


Once everyone got on the boat, the villagers had come to say goodbye. The horn sounded then the ship was sailing into the

unknown seas and oceans to head to Besaid to recruit a hero. At about twenty-three minutes into the cruise it started to



“Haha… You guys have done well so far but get ready to fight your first Sin-Spawn or as I call him your first Seymour-

Spawn. The voice from the sky said as a crimson red Lightning bolt came out of the sky right onto the dock of the ship.


Thus creating a monster called Mortibody Ver2.3.


“What the heck, Seymour where are you, come fight like a real man.” Vladimir yelled but only got silence.


“Thundaga!!!” Lukky yelled while having 5 giant thunders bolts come from the sky onto the Mortibody but only slightly hurting



“Here this should help you guys.” Rakke Said while transforming into his Overdrive from. “Haha...He he...Time for this little

mutt to die.”Rakke Added.


When Rakke had transformed Lukky had casted Haste so Rakke was attacking at twice the speed.


“Rughhh… raughhhhh” The Mortibody said while being sliced and diced, then the Mortibody threw Rakke off him, thus

knocking him onto the bridge, Rakke turned into his normal form after that critical blow from The Mortibody. Now the

Mortibody was mad and started to go on a rampage.


“Lukky Summon Ixion hopefully her Overdrive can help us” Vladimir said while swings his scythe at The Mortibody, stabbing it

into its arm.


Lukky first used cure on Rakke giving him energy to help fight again then she summoned Ixion which took about a

minute. “Ixion, will you help us?” Ixion nodded and used her aerospark shot, which hit The Mortibody directly in the Face,

knocking him closer to the edge of the ship. “Ixion use your Thor’s Hammer.” Lukky said. Ixion started to disagree and

started to attack with her horn knocking Mortibody a little bit closer to the edge.


“She has a brilliant idea instead of wasting all that energy, she can just keep attacking The Mortibody until he gets close

enough to the edge to knock him off” Runi said in a fascinated tone.


Ixion neighed to show that she agreed with Runi. Once Rakke and Vladimir heard Runi they started to back away so Ixion

could continue what she was doing then Vladimir thought of a perfect idea and whispered it to Rakke,

Rakke and Vladimir had cut off the Anchor and where slowly tying it onto The Mortibody’s Leg. Once Ixion saw that the

anchor was tied on and that Rakke and Vladimir where away from the Mortibody, Ixion kicked the Mortibody knocking him off

the ship and the anchor pulling the Mortibody deeper and deeper into the ocean, thus drowning him.

Lukky Dismissed Ixion, Ixion jumped and disappeared into the clouds.

“Where here, we are at Besaid, get ready to get to land.” The captain said while slowing the ship down.


The ship hit land and everyone was happy that, the ride from hell was over.


“Thank god that’s over” Vladimir said.


“Yeah but we have to ride it again to get to Kilika” Rakke said in a sad tone.


Everyone starts to Disperse and check out the land.


“Hey Vladimir, you guys are finally here, I thought you’d guys would never come. So Lukky is a summoner and you guys need

my help to Re-Defeat Sin you said right?” the Mysterious man said.


“Yup so will you help or what?” Vladimir asked nervously.


“Sure! I'm always up for a challenge.” The mysterious man added.


“Okay that’s awesome. Hey guys guess who is joining our party?”


“Who?” Rakke, Runi, and Lukky said.


“It is the Legendary Wakka, From the Besaid Aurochs.



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Characters Name: Lukky

Age: 26

Gender: Female



Class: Summoner

Weapon: Lunar Sceptre (Staff in the pic)

Bio: Lukky is a Summoner from Djose Temple, meaning that she has inherited the Lightning Aeon Ixion from the beginning. She is a happy-go-lucky person, always cheerful and optimistic, never believing that there's a bad side on things.

Anything to add for Your Character: She can use the Blk Magic Thunder, Thundara and Thundaga.


Characters Name: Runi

Age: 28

Gender: Female



Class: Black Mage, Guardian

Weapon: Ixion's Lightning Rod (Staff in the Pic)

Bio: Runi is an apprentice from Djose Temple, having learned the utmost of the Black Magic Thunder. Her temper may not be the most patient thing, but she's the 'brain' of the group, and can easily help her Summoner out of trouble.

Anything to add for Your Character: She can 'talk' to Aeons, by communicating through their minds using electric currents in the air and the Aeon's brain patterns.


Characters Name: Rakke

Age: 33

Gender: Male


[spoiler=Normal Form]ShadowWarrior4.jpg


[spoiler=Overdrive Form: Dark Angel Raksheus]f_FallenAngelm_956e50b.jpg


Class: Warrior, Guardian


Normal Form Weapon: Dark Oblivion(Sword in Normal Pic)

Dark Angel Weapon: Double Penance(Swords in Overdrive Pic)

Bio: Rakke is a mysterious warrior from an unknown location. Many believe he's directly from the Farplane, but he never tells. He has an inner transformation, which he activates when the need is dire.

Anything to add for Your Character: He's slightly psychopathic, and when he transforms, he laught menially.

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i do not get it do we make characters then you write them into the story but either way here is my character app





class:monk (please)

weapon:http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/0/0e/RikkusClaws.png can i have the top right one i do not know what it is but it looks cool

bio:he was born right after his father died and his mother died from birth he found his way to a forest he trained there until he was 13 then he moved.

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