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FMyLife ? Pssh, GivesMeHope !

Eternal Flame

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Most of us have heard of FMyLife, right ? The twitter like website where you post little stories about your crappy day.


Well cheer up people, and make way for GivesMeHope, the complete opposite of FMyLife. On GivesMeHope, users post short stories about their wonderful day. GivesMeHope truly shows that there is good in the world.


Why be pessimistic and lame :( When you can be optimistic and hopping around with a spring in your step :)

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For example; A guy found out a girl had "d1ck" while drunk at a party' date=' and people commented and said "It doesn't matter about what they had, as long as you were enjoying it and having fun".


Made me Lol.



Father Wolfs comment: everything went better than expected.


FML is lolful for about 5min a week. if i wanted to feel better about myself i would actually go out and do something like smoke huka or spend time with friends. OR Drink my self happy like a real American

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FML makes you know that your day wasn't crappy at all, and makes you laugh at people that had even a worse day than you.


Seeing people's wonderful lives against your crappy life would make you get depressed.


EDIT: WTF? They just have 1 voting option? ''I like it!''? Thats just... no.


EDIT 2: ''It has been over a year since I was last rickrolled. GMH''


I don't know whether I laughed for it being stupid or because he counted the time.

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