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Armageddon Complex - SP




Hey pojo, or anybody reading this.




My name is skyphantom, the reason for this is because I'm building the deck armageddon complex but I renamed it sky phantom.




GeneralZorpa, I'm sorry, but I have a few tweaks to it:


Sky Phantom: 47-48 cards




Monsters: 24




X3 Sky Skourge Norleras


X3 Dark Necrofear


X3 Demise, King of Armageddon


X3 Manju of the ten thousand hands


X3 Archfiend Soldier


X3 Gil Garth


X3 Phantom of Chaos


X1 Sangan


X1 Darklord Zerato


X1 Gorz, Emissary of Darkness




Spells: 17




X3 Trade-in


X3 Hand Destruction


X2 Foolish burial


X2 Dark World Dealings


X1 Card Destruction


x1 Heavy Storm


X1 Giant Trunade




X1 Monster Reborn


X1 Advanced Ritual Art


X1 Contract with the abyss








X1 Mirror Force


X1 7 tools


X1 Divine Wrath


X1 Deck Devastation Virus


X1 Crush Card Virus (optional)


X1 Negate Attack




Well Look up Armageddon Complex by GeneralZorpa for the original. The traps are for backups in case of failure, and Gorz is in case of battle damage for a beat stick, Zery over there is for raigeki power but mostly for beatsticking. But otherwise, GeneralZorpa, you got the right idea!

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