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Redesigning Perfection: Tele-DAD Control?


While I cannot argue the fact that Tele-DaD has undoubtedly become the most consistent (and powerful) OTK since Cyber-Stein, I still believe that there are many ways in which Tele-DaD could yet be improved.


Rather than trying to improve upon the OTK elements that make Tele-DaD so powerful, I have instead chosen to transform Tele-DaD into a powerful Control Deck which I previously called "Tele-Kuriboh" but whose current incarnation is more appropriately named - Tele-Queen Control


Before I get into the specifics of this deck, I must first point out that this deck is still in its experimental stages, and as such - there is much more room for improvement upon the basic design until it hits the wall of near-perfection that Tele-DaD and Lightsworn are striking their draconic heads against in frustration.


Here is the deck list as it currently stands:


Tele-Queen Control: 42 cards


Monsters: 20

3x Krebons

3x Destiny Hero - Malicious

2x Volcanic Queen

2x Caius, the Shadow Monarch

2x Necro Gardna

2x Winged Kuriboh

1x Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude

1x Dark Armed Dragon

1x Hanewata

1x Dark Grepher

1x Junk Synchron

1x Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord


Spells: 17

3x Allure of Darkness

3x Emergency Teleport

3x Destiny Draw

1x Owner's Seal

1x Monster Reborn

1x Brain Control

1x Mind Control

1x Heavy Storm

1x Reinforcement of the Army

1x Card Destruction

1x Burial from a Different Dimension


Traps: 5

2x Threatening Roar

1x Waboku

1x Torrential Tribute

1x Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai


At a glance, this deck looks dis-jointed and at odds with itself. That is, until such times as you remember that this deck was designed as a control-based variant, (rather than as a dedicated OTK), at which point the inherrent synergies of the deck when used as a control-based strategy begin to make themselves apparent.


Damage Request: Denied.

Unlike most control decks which seek to control an opponent's ability to Summon (and control) monsters, this deck instead seeks to control the Battle Phase much like Gladiator Beasts did previously. To that end, this deck runs the equivalent of five "Threatening Roars" (in additon to "Necro Gardna") with upto 3 additional copies in the side-deck (2 Flute of Summoning Kuriboh, & 1 Threatening Roar).


With 1/7 of the deck devoted to shutting down the opponents Battle Phase, the remainder of the deck seeks to control the damage caused by my opponents monster effects.


These cards have Explosive Personalities......

Two of the most important monsters in this deck are "Black Rose Dragon" and "Volcanic Queen".


The former makes her explosive appearance in a number of different ways, the easiest of which is by a combination of Malicious + Hanewata, where-as the latter stands as the ultimate answer to any monster under your opponents control.


Not happy with that opposing Stardust Dragon, Judgement Dragon, Colossal Fighter, or Thoughtruler Archfiend......Volcanic Queen is your answer to all of them (and more).


The synergies with this card are even more devious once you consider how few of this decks monsters are ever Normal Summoned, and the ease with which this deck can shut down opposing Battle Phases.


The synergies only run deeper once you factor in the fact that Volcanic Queen is a Level 6 monster with only 1200 Defense, and the ease with which the deck can reclaim her (Brain Control, Monster Reborn, Owner's Seal, Mind Control, or Goyo Guardian), destroy her when she is in her more vulnerable Defense Position, or mitigate the damage of her drawbacks (hanewata).


Sometimes they Come Back....

Just like the Steven King novel of the same name, sending monsters to the graveyard is no way to guarantee they will not be returning for a second performance.


Both "Junk Synchron" and "Exodius" deserve special mention in this deck; the former being able to revive a spent "Krebons", "Hanewata" or "Winged Kuriboh", while the latter can spin all three cards and/or extra copies of "Malicious" to the deck where they will again become live targets for that otherwise dead copy of "Malicious", "Destiny Draw", "E-Teleport" or "Kuriboh Flute".


Finally, as the deck runs both "Exodius" and "Necro Gardna" I can justify a single copy of "Burial from the Different Dimension", in order to return spent copies of "Malicious" and "Necro Gardna" to the Graveyard whereby they can either be re-used, or spun to the deck with "Exodius".


In Conclusion:

If this article has broadened your understanding of the untapped potential to which Tele-DaD is capable of should we try adapting the deck to playstyles other than the narrow-minded OTK we see today, then I have done my job properly.

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It could work if the deck wasn't raped by the March 1st List.


Allure of Darkness is Semi-Limited, Emergency Teleport is Limited, Destiny Draw is Semi-Limited, Destiny Hero - Malicious is Semi-Limited.


Winged Kuriboh, Hanewata, Junk Synchron and Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord have no use in the deck, because they suck.

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Hanetawa is perfectly good Main Deck choice. Especially with all those burn cards running lately (DSF and ... DSF and well Chain Burn and Simoshi Burn are dead so only DSF)

Also Kurenai with only 2 Fire monsters that will be on your opponent's side of the field is super c00l idea.

And I never thought of running 3x DDRaw 3x Allure and 3x E-Tele

Screw the Banlist I run Hanetawa.


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So much of this is stupidly situational. Owner's Seal, for example, will only do anything if you happen to draw it at the same time as one of only two cards in your deck, namely the Volcanic Queens. Oh, and it's illegal, which poses a slight problem in terms of not being disqualified for cheating.


Also Kurenai with only 2 Fire monsters that will be on your opponent's side of the field is super c00l idea.


Eh, to be fair, he probably has Black Rose Dragon in the Extra Deck.

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