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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist All Stars [PG-13] -Started- {Still Accepting by PM only}

Fay D. Flourite

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This is my very first RP ^^. I really want this to go well, so any suggestions, PM me.


[align=center]Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist All Stars [PG-13]

[spoiler=Plot]It has been years since Jack Atlas and Yusei Fudo stopped the Dark Signers. The world is again at peace and Dueling has returned to it’s normal self. Many duelists have special cards that contain Duel Spirits that the owner can communicate with. Dueling has become a safe game once more. Now 5 Elite Duelists have decided to start a Duelist Championship. This champion ship consists of 16 Duelist from all over the world and it takes place on Duelist Mountain.


This is an RP where you don’t have to use real decks or real cards. When you use cards that aren’t real make sure that if they are cards you made using this website you PM me with all the cards. Also there will be events and things going on inbetween matches. If you want to start and event or if you want something to happen you can PM me and I can make it happen. The matches will be chosen randomly, that means you don’t have a choice in who you face off against. When dueling in an Turbo Duel you can use spell cards other then Speed Spells.You can also have up to 3 different decks. You can use a different person’s deck as long as that person is not in this RP. This means that you can have up to 3 Duel Spirits.



  1. No cheating
  2. When you use a card, if your opponent requests a view of the card, you must show it.
  3. Normal real life dueling rules applied.
  4. Any questions PM me.
  5. If you are using a real life deck or any real life cards, no using banned cards.




Character’s Name (First & Last):


RP Age:

Deck (Real/Fake):

Deck creators:

Duelist Level (1 – 5):

Duel Disk Style:

Duel Runner Description:

Duel Spirit Companion:


Life Description:


RP Sample:




[spoiler=My Application]UserName: Fay D. Flourite

Character’s Name (First & Last): Fay Flourite

Gender: Male

RP Age: 17

Deck (Real/Fake):Gunner Deck, Doom Lord Deck, Spellcaster Deck (Fake)

Duelist Level (1-5): 5

Deck creators: Power Decker, Love_Avail, DarkHazard

Duel Disk Style: battle-a-duel-disk.jpg

Duel runner Description: Resembles Yusei Fudo’s Duel Runner but instead of being red it’s silver.

Duel Spirit Companion:316002.jpg

Personality: An outgoing guy who likes to speak whatever is on his mind. He is fun and enjoys dueling and he always keeps his head and stays optimistic in the duel however he still keeps his cool and always things before he acts.

Life Description: Always a happy optimistic child, Fay is friendly and a serious duelist. His parents are honest hard working people and support his decision to be a great duelist. He has always been a dangerous duelist. He came to this contest to prove himself to everyone.


RP Sample: Fay stared at his opponent and smirked slightly.

“I hope you said your goodbyes since I highly doubt you’ll be staying” said Fay.

He ignored what might have been a reply and slide his deck into the deck slot of his duel disk. The rest of the monster card zone slide out and into place. He glanced up and smiled.

“Let’s Duel!”





1. Fay D. Flourite=> Fay Flourite

2. Bankz=> Kyza Bankz

3. Voltaic=> Sosnoweic Rihau

4. Voltaic=> Byelsko Rihau

5. Rucario=> Rey Atlas (No connection to Jack Atlas)

6. Nightmare Zarkus=> Zarkus Syuren

7. Nightmare Zarkus=> Leon Neziarx (just call him Neziarx)

8. Kuroda Naoki=> Varian Goldfield

9. Pure.Awesomeness=> Ace Abner

10. EckoGecko=> Rando Malawaki




Any questions? PM me

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Username: Bankz

Character’s Name (First & Last): Kyza Bankz

Gender: Male

RP Age: 17

Deck (Real/Fake): Dragon Deck (Fake)/ Elite Warrior Fake

Deck creators: Bankz

Duelist Level (1 – 5): 4

Duel Disk Style: Same as Crow's

Duel Runner Description: Same as Crow's

Duel Spirit Companion:


Personality: Calm Laid back person that doesn't look for trouble but accepts it if it comes

Life Description: Kyza is an Orphan child who went from home to home until he turned 16 and started living life on his own. He is a great Duelist and an even better person.

Image: My Avatar

RP Sample:

Kyza (Sarcastically): So you say

(Kyza sets his Duel Disk in His Rider

Kyza: So lets start this, just know I always give my best

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Username: Voltaic

Character’s Name (First & Last): Sosnoweic Rihau

Gender: M

RP Age: 16

Deck (Real/Fake): YCM Made - Cyber LockDown, Red Guards

Deck creators: Me

Duelist Level (1 – 5): 5

Duel Disk Style: Original, Yugis, etc.

Duel Runner Description: Not Applicable.

Duel Spirit Companion: Red Emperor --> See my thread in Realistic Cards

Personality: Cold, Calculating

Life Description: Mix Blooded, Englishman and Chinese, he was raised in China and carries a lot of beliefs that they do. Strength in numbers, strategy and planning above all else. Also, he carries a lot of communist/ socialist views on the world.

Image: anime-boy.jpg

RP Sample:

Sosnoweic walked down the dark street. He was bored and looking for something to do...

Oh well, he thought, as he strayed away.

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Username: Rucario

Character’s Name (First & Last): Rey Atlas (No connection with Jack Atlas)

Gender: Male

RP Age: 18

Deck: Red-eyes

Deck creators: Uhhh.....Me?

Duelist Level (1 – 5): 5

Duel Disk Style:


Duel Runner Description:


Duel Spirit Companion: Red-Eyes B. Chick

Personality: Mean on the outside, Kind on the inside.

Life Description: His Parents died in an unknown accident. Shortly after the accident, a Man appeared and gave Rey a Deck. Rey lived by using this Deck.



RP Sample: Rey looked at the other Duelists and said "What a bunch of Weaklings".

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Username: Nightmare Zarkus

Character’s Name (First & Last): Zarkus Syuren

Gender: Male

RP Age: Appears 18, but is really over 100 years old.

Deck (Real/Fake): Chaos deck, Dark Soul Deck, and Immortal Reaper/Blackheart Angel deck.

Deck creators: Myself

Duelist Level (1 – 5): 3

Duel Disk Style: A blackish battle city disk

Duel Runner Description: Jack's, but all black.

Duel Spirit Companion: Masked Assassin

Personality: Cheerful most of the time.

Life Description: A cheerful person, overtly friendly... but hiding a dark secret. He is one of the last remaining Dark Signers, who chose to keep himself secret after he fufilled his goal. In possession of 2 Earthbound Gods Illapa Camac, the Trapezoid, and Tawantin Pachacuti, the Spiral.



RP Sample: Zarkus let out a cheerful laugh.

"This duel is fun. But its about time we end this! I activate Dark Calling, removing my Darkness Neosphere and Granmarg to summon Dark Gaia! Now attack him and end this duel!"

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Username: Kuroda Naoki

Character’s Name (First & Last): Varian Goldfield

Gender: Male

RP Age: 22

Deck (Real/Fake): Building Deck (I will post my cards when I use them)

Deck creators: Himself

Duelist Level (1 – 5): 4

Duel Disk Style: Normal 5D's disk, but light brown

Duel Runner Description: Looks like a cross between this and Yusei's, also, it's the same color as Varian's duel disk.

Duel Spirit Companion: Dalar - The Moving Castle (Altough he nevere comes out of the card, he and Varian is able to talk to eachother)

Personality: He is mostly happy and naive. He thinks that no human is really evil and tries to see the good of everyone.

Life Description: Varian has been dueling since he was a little kid. He loves to duel and quickly became one of the best of his town. When he was invited to the Championshp he was very happy and started training a lot to become the best. But destiny has something else in store for him...

Image: (I don't like posting pics, so I'll describe him in words) He's big, and has brown eyes. His hair is short and brown, and he wears a brown jacket together with blue jeans.

RP Sample: Varian waited for his duel to begin while he watched another duel. The duel was between a boy and a woman. The boy drew a card.

"I tribute my two face-downs to summon Hyozanryu!" He said and summoned a big, crystal-like dragon. "But wait! It's not over there, one of my face-downs was Dandylion, so now his effect is activated and I get 2 Fluff Tokens!" Two fluffy monsters appeared. "Now, activate Double Summon! Go! Gogiga Gagagigo!" The two fuffs dissappeared and instead a big, monstrous, bipedal lizard appeared. "Now! My monsters attack you!"

The woman smiled. "Activate Mirror Force!" A big, invisible shield appeared and pushed the two attacsk back and detsroyed the monsters.

"Argh! That's the end of my turn!" The boy said.

"My turn, Draw!" The woman said and drew a card. "I summon Vorse Raider!" A monster appeared, it was holding a weird looking weapon. "Attack him directly and end this!" The monster attacked and dropped the monsters life points down to 0.

"The winner is Miss Crystal!" The announcer shouted.

"It's my turn now!" Varian said. "Let's do this Dalar!"

"I agree!" A voice could be heard.

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sure why not.

Username: Voltaic

Character’s Name (First & Last): Byelsko Rihau

Gender: M

RP Age: 19

Deck (Real/Fake): Cyber Lock Down -> Find it in Finished Sets.

Deck creators:Me

Duelist Level (1 – 5):5

Duel Disk Style:Same as Sosnoweic

Duel Runner Description: N/A

Duel Spirit Companion: Chimeratech Fortress Dragon / Offensive Mode

Personality:slightly less calculating, but more cold

Life Description: Brother of Sosnoweic, he returned to England with his father while Sosnoweic stayed in China with his mother. He inherited his father's estate, and carries the English tradition of Aristocracy with him, while Sosnoweic learned the Communist ways.

Image: v4nhnm.png

RP Sample: see above.

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Username: Nightmare Zarkus

Character’s Name (First & Last): Leon Neziarx (just call him Neziarx)

Gender: Male

RP Age: 35

Deck (Real/Fake): Immortal Reapers/Blackheart Angels, Order deck, Savior deck

Deck creators: Myself again

Duelist Level (1 – 5): 5

Duel Disk Style: Basic battle city disk

Duel Runner Description: Crow's, but a lighter shade

Duel Spirit Companion: N/A

Personality: Keeps to himself, a cold person. Barely ever opens up.

Life Description: Long time rival of Zarkus, and one of the few people who knows his secret. Basically Zarkus's opposite in every way, but they get alogn well


RP Sample: >_> I already gave one D:



Please note that I will be using a green font when controlling this character.

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