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how many legal cards summon the immortals?

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hats the question, besides monster reborn, how many ways are there to easily sp. summon any of the earthbounds, since they, unlike many of the big boss monsters that have come out from the anime, can be summoned in, more or less, any way you want.


also, how effective would an earthbound deck be these days, since there is that ruling saying that you can't be attacked while you have one on the field and nothing else in terms of monsters, and that they have, in general, very powerfull effects when they die/are on the field. (mattering on the earth bound in question.)


I'll keep a list on this post.

sor far:

monster reborn


a hero emerges

return from a different dimension.

zombie world combos.

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Guest PikaPerson01

Reasoning, Monster Ga- wait... this topic is ****ing stupid, even by YCM's standards.


If you're gonna be this stupid, you might as well make a topic asking how many legal cards can summon Barrel Dragon or Kazejin, considering that all of the above have the same summoning conditions.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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