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Transformer Opti-Fire ( Optimus & Jet Fire ) & Bumblebee Render! CNC!

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I Have Rendered Optimus and Jet Fire Fused, it was Easy, and took 5 Minutes.

From This:


To This:



2nd 1 is NOT my Best Work, in Fact it is Bad.

You can Use Them, but Must Give Credit. ( & a Link to the Thread )

It Says .JPEG, but i saved as a PNG, and it Acts as 1.

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As long as its transparent' date=' it doesn't matter jpg. or png. (I don't think :/)

It's a good render otherwise, though some places just aren't that great..



Actually its GIF or PNG. GIF saves very choppy tho.

Tinypic always changes format which is why I use ImageShack or PB.


Try the black test again...you'll see that you need to redo them from scratch.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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