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Dual Attributes (OVER)

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This is a competition where you enter a card with 2 attributes to be judged. How? Simple. Look at this card as an example.



First prize is 60 points + 2 rep

Second prize is 35 points + 1 rep

3rd and 4th runners up get 10.

5 points for entry. A maximum of 20 contestants, and a minimum of 9.


The rules are simple: Make a dual-attribute monster (no divine beasts) by June 30. At that point, the top 4 will be chosen. Then, they have 5 days to make another card with 2 attributes. But here's the catch: They CAN NOT USE THE SAME ATTRIBUTES AS THEIR LAST CARD. From that point, two winners will be chosen, and the other two get their 10. The last two contestants have 3 days to make a card using their last 2 attributes. The winner gets first prize, and the loser gets second. Good luck! 8)


1: The worm 55



4:Ovechin Rocks



7: Takeshi


9:Красная Луна

10: Abisal

11: pussycat_boy15693


THE CONTEST IS OVER! Here are the winners:

1st place: The Worm 55

2nd place: pussycatboy

3rd place: anacondas1

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[spoiler=[b]Crystal Prisoner[/b]]56799791.jpg

[spoiler=[b]Effect[/b]]This cards attribute is also treated as Water. If 'Umi' is on the field when this card is summoned, summon 1 'Crystal Token' (Light/Warrior/2-star/500ATK/500DEF) to your opponents side of the field. These tokens cannot attack and cannot be destroyed by battle. When this card destroys one of your opponents monsters by battle, summon 1 'Crystal Token' to your opponents side of the field. If this card attacks a 'Crystal Token', change the tokens Attribute to Water. during the next Standby Phase after its Attribute is changed, destroy it. When a 'Crystal Token' is destroyed by this effect, the controller takes 500 damage for each one destroyed.



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Alright I'll enter points on way.


And by the way this is my favorite card that i have made I just through in the second attribute


Tuner Wolf and 1 or more none tuner monsters

This monster is also treated as an earth attribute monster. When this card is summoned destroy all other monster cards on your side of the field then this card gains 300 atk and def for every "WereLord" monster in your graveyard. When this card is destroyed by a monster effect a spell or a trap card you can special summon up to 3 level 5 or lower monsters from your graveyard except this card.

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This card is also treated as having a FIRE attribute. Increase this monsters ATK by 500 for every dual attribute monster on the field. Every time a card is Set, you can remove from play 2 cards from the top of your Deck to destroy it and remove it from play. When you activate this effect the Main Phase is ended immediately. Once per turn, choose 1 of your opponents face-up monsters. For every face-up FIRE attribute monster on the field,(excluding this card) that card gains 300 ATK/DEF. As long as this card is on the field, no new Field Spell Cards can be activated, and the current Field Spell Card cannot be destroyed.

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[spoiler=Card Lore]This card can also be treated as a Fish-type monster or a DARK attributed monster. This card cannot be destoyed as a result of battle (Battle Damage is calculated normally). You may summon 1 "Poor Unfortunate Soul Token" (Fiend-Type/WATER/1 Star/ATK 0/DEF 0)to your side of the field per turn. Increase this cards attack points by 100 points for each "Poor Unfortunate Soul Token" on your side of the field.


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[spoiler=Lore]This cards Attribute also counts as LIGHT. This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by the effect of "Shadowing Light". Once per turn, by removing one Spell or Trap card on the field from play, this card can Half the attack of one monster on the field. however, that monster cannot be destroyed by battle. this effect lasts until the end of this turn.



Forgot to post soz ^^



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