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A day that shall live in infamy, an untold story, a hidden world.


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The hell's a churro? I'm not Googling it either. Not a word like "churro". Just doesn't seem or SOUND ethically right for me to click to the right of the URL currently in my URL bar, drag it all the way to the left, type http://google.com, and type "churro" the resulting box. I don't want an allotment of links to people's Twitter pages bragging about how long their "churros" are, I want a plain description.


I'm not going to do it. You're gonna have to explain this one guys.

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It's called... THE POLLS FORUM.


And read Polaris's comment again. Never use the word *churro*, because it has a second meaning.


Also, churros (in the food context) might taste good, but not as good as donuts (in the food context) or pastries. At least churros (in the food context) taste better than say... muffins.


I am talking in code because I can be held accountable for anything I say.


If you don't know what a churro or a donut is, try sticking a churro inside a donut. Voila.

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