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Do you wear a bike helmet?

bury the year

So, do you?  

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  1. 1. So, do you?

    • Yes, 'cuz I'm smart and want to live without brain trauma!
    • No, 'cuz I wanna see my brain splashed on the pavement like strawberry jam!

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I'm only posting this because my mom and I got in a bike accident today. Because I was wearing one' date=' I only got some pretty deep scrapes on both knees and my right arm. (My mom wore one, too, but [b']she broke her arm[/b]. D:)


Anyways, yes or no?


1. Why?

2. Fail.

3. Fail.


1. I don't wear a helmet.

2. I blast my iPod everytime.

3. I ride in the streets.

4. I mess with drivers.

5. (Below quote).


No. If I split my skull in half and my brain splatters all over the pavement' date=' I don't care, we all have to die sometime.


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