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ok my deck seriously needs help... plz help

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first of all i would like to say i suck at making decks.... heres my current deck



Junk warrior

Nitro Warrior

Stardust dragon

red dragon archfiend



abyss soldier

blackwing-shura the blue flame

blue eyes white dragon

decoy dragon

exiled force



felgrand dragon

guardian angel joan

herald of creation

junk synchron

kaiser sea horse

kycoo the ghost destroyer

maiden of macabre

mobius the frost monarch

montage dragon

nitro synchron

obsidian dragon

tyrant dragon



a legendary ocean

black pendant


fairy meteor crush

ground collapse

hammer shot

junk barrage

lightning vortex

monster reborn

remove trap

ribbon of rebirth


tribute to the doomed



compulsory evacuation device

confusion chaff

draining shield

raigeki break

sakuretsu armor

shadow spell

spiritual fire art- kurenai

synchro strike

tornado wall

trap hole

xing zhen hu


not that great.... i just spent over $40 alone this week on cards in an attempt to build a better deck... didnt really work... can somebody help me? like with what cards to keep, what to toss, and what to place? this is what i have to work with (i tried my best to organize it)



3- hump lacooda

7 colored fish

8- claws scorpion


amphibious bugroth mk-3

ancient one of the deep forest

armed dragon lv.3 (X2)

armed dragon lv.5 (X2)

arsenal bug

balloon lizard

beiige, vanguard of dark world

blue eyes white dragon

caius the shadow monarch

creeping doom manta (X2)

cyber archfiend

dark blade

darkblaze dragon

dark magician

dark magician girl

dark zebra

decayed commander

des lacooda

destiny hero-diamond dude

destiny hero-doom lord

destruction cyclone

dragon zombie


eagle eye

ebon magician curran

electric virus (X2)

element dragon

element saurus

elemental hero wildheart

elemental hero bladege

elemental hero clayman

elemental hero avian

elemental hero burstinatrix

elemental hero sparkman (X2)

gale lizard

guard dog


flame ruler

flame manipuator

flyink kamakiri #2

familiar knight

feral imp

fox fire

fusilier dragon, the dual mode beast

gazelle the king of mythical beasts (X2)

giant rat (X2)

giant soldier of stone (X2)

gilford the lightning

goblin king

golld, wu-lord of dark world (X2)


gravekeepers watcher

gray wing


harpie girl (X2)

harpie lady 1

harpie lady 2

harpie lady 3

harpie's brother

heavy mech support platform

horus of the black flame lv.6

horus' servant (X2)

howling insect


hydrogeddon (X2)



inferno hammer

jerry beans man


kaiser sea horse (X2)

karate man

king of the swamp




liquid beast

lord of d. (X2)

luster dragon #2

mad sword beast

magician of faith

majestic mech-goryu

malice doll of demise

masked dragon (X5)


marionette mite

mechanical hound

mermaid knight

mind protector

mirage dragon

morphing jar

mother grizzly

mystical elf

mystic clown

mystic tomato

m-warrior #1

m-warrior #2


nightmare penguin


people running about

penten the dark clown

penumbral sodier lady

pitch-black warwolf

princess of isurgo

psychic Kappa

radiant spirit (X2)

raging eria

rare metal dragon

reborn zombie

red-eyes back dragon (X2)

red-eyes black metal dragon

red-eyes darkness dragon

rogue doll

royal magic library (X3)

ryu-kishin powered


sage of stillness


silver fang

seal master meisei

shien's footsoldier


skull knight #2

skull red bird (X2)

speed warrior

spirit caller

spirit ryu

star boy

queens knight

swarm of scarabs

sword hunter

the agent of creation-venus

the creator

the creator incarnate

the six samurai-kamon

the six samurai- nisashi (X2)

tactical espionage expert

theban nightmare

the dragon dwelling in the cave

three-headed geedo

the trojan horse

trap master

twin-headed behemoth (X2)

ultimate insect lv.3

unshaven angler


wall of illusion

warrior dai grepher (X2)

warrior of zera

wind effigy


witch of the black forest

zure, knight of dark world





a wingbeat of giant dragon

ancient telescope

armed charger

back to square one

big bang shot

big wave small wave

blast with chain

brain control (X2)


card destruction

card shuffle

celestial transformation



creature swap (X3)

dark hole

dark magic attack

emblem of the awakening

final destiny


foolish burial

giant trunade

graceful charity

harpies hunting ground

heavy storm (X2)

inferno tempest

last will

lighten the load

machine conversion factory

malevolent nuzzler

mausoleum of the emperor


monster reincarnation


mystical space typhoon (X3)

mystic wok


order to charge

poison of the old man

pot of greed (X2)

premature burial (X3)


ring of magnetism

red medicine


shien's castle of mist

snatch steal

soul absorption

soul exchange (X2)

stamping destruction (X2)

synthesis spell

terraforming (X2)

the flute of summoning dragon

the graveyard of the fourth dimension

the inexperienced spy

the reliable guardian (X2)

the shallow grave

the warrior returning alive

trade in

tribute to the doomed


ultra evolution pill






a hero emerges

alter for tribute

astral barrier

backup soldier

burst breath

call of the haunted

castle walls


curse of anubis


destruction wing

disappear (X2)

dragons rage (X3)


dust tornado (X3)

energy drain

fiends hand mirror

flash bang

fruits of kozaky's studies


gift of the mystical elf

hero medal

house of adhesive tape (X2)

icarus attack

interdimensional matter transporter (X2)

jar of greed

light of intervention

magic jammer

malevolent catastrophe

metal detector


mind haxorz

ninjitsu art of decoy

non-fusion area

ready for interception (X2)

reckless greed


remote revenge (X2)

return from the different dimension

roll out! (X2)

seven tools of the bandit

spell shield type-8

synchro deflector (X2)

the dragon's bead

the eye of truth

torrential tribute

trap hole

trap jammer

trap of board eraser


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i really dont want to buy starters or structures (oh and thanx for helping me)... i dont have a job so this is all i have to work with... plus i spent over $40 this week alone on cards.... but i just want the best deck possable from these cards... but i cant do it because i suck at making decks


and as for the 100+ there my collection... not my deck... this is the list of all the cards that i own.. it took me about 2 days to compile it and alphabetize it to make it as easy as possable for you guys to know what i have to work with (because im sure you wouldnt want to look at a mess of cards typed on the screen... let alone a list at all)

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A stack of 100+ cards



He was just listing all of his cards so we could pick them out. He even said that.

Yea' date=' Thats what I get for just skimming through >____>



i really dont want to buy starters or structures

Even though you dont want to, it's usually a good place to start. Since it gives you a basic theme, and ideas to work assorted cards into it.

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i just bought two tins... a stardust dragon tin and a red dragon archfiend tin... thats because they said (in another topic) that would be a good thing to do... which didnt work out like i had hoped


and i should be able to make a good fire, light, water, or wind deck out of these right?

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thats because they said (in another topic) that would be a good thing to do

Its good' date=' because you get 2 generic Extra Deck cards, that are usefull in most situations.


... which didnt work out like i had hoped

the only real flaw to the idea, is that it leaves alot of your cards up to chance, and wont exactly get you what you want.

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[align=center]Here's the best I could do on short notice with your cards.



[1] Mobius the Frost Monarch

[1] Caius the Shadow Monarch

[3] Masked Dragon

[2] Giant Rat

[2] Twin-Headed Behemoth

[1] Mystic Tomato

[1] Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude

[1] Destiny Hero - Doom Lord

[1] Exiled Force

[1] Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

[1] Wall of Illusion

[1] Sangan

[1] Junk Synchron

[1] Morphing Jar



[3] Creature Swap

[1] Brain Control

[1] Card Destruction

[1] Fissure

[1] Lightning Vortex

[1] Giant Trunade

[1] Heavy Storm

[1] Mystical Space Typhoon

[1] Hammer Shot

[1] Shrink

[1] Monster Reborn



[3] Dust Tornado

[1] Jar of Greed

[1] Seven Tools of the Bandit

[1] Raigeki Break

[1] Compulsory Evacuation Device

[1] Waboku

[1] Torrential Tribute



[1] Stardust Dragon

[1] Red Dragon Archfiend

[1] Junk Warrior


[spoiler=Handbook]Get out weak monsters, hopefully searchers such as Rat, Masked Dragon, or Tomato, Creature Swap for a better monster, attack, search for another monster, and attack again for damage.


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hey i added a few cards from my deck (i needed at east two strong monsters in my deck)... and whats the difference between trap jammer and seven tools of the bandit?


the cards i added are


montage dragon

sakuretsu armor

confusion chaff


Right, just what benefit do you think you're adding to the deck by adding these cards?

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