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This will be moved!!!!!


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This is my first full YCM deck the Deep Wicked Fighter series.I will plan on makeing a pack series in the future.Plz rate this deck and feel free to leave ocd fixes.




-Deep Wicked Mecha Axe Warrior::"Deep Wicked Mecha Fighter" + "Deep Wicked Axe Knight"

This monster can only be special summoned by fusion summon.This monster is treated as a Machine type monster,a Warrior type monster,and a Thunder type monster.Every time either you or your opponent normal summons,flip summons,or special summons a monster place an armor charge on this card.Once there are at least 3 armor charges on this monster remove any number of them and destroy any monster on the field with level equal to the amount of armor charges.This monster gains 500 ATK and DEF for every equip spell equiped to it.


-Wicked Ultimate Last Resort::This card can only be activated when it is part of a chain of two or more.Remove from play all cards on the field and in the graveyard.Every one takes 2000 direct damage.All other effects that were activated during the turn this card was activated are negated.



Deep Wicked Beast-x2

Deep Wicked Dragon-x2

Deep Wicked Fiend-x2

Deep Wicked Warrior-x2

Wicked Minion-x2

Deep Dark-x3

Fast material Destruction-x2

Deep Space-x2

Wormhole Fusion-x2

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this section used to be fun before n00bs showed up' date=' now i don't even know why i bother



[rolls eyes] Tell me about it. What is with all the n00bs lately? They seem to be overwhelming this section. Something must be done. We need a n00b filter or something.

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Y RNT U GUYS BANNED FOR BEING JERKS?!?! duh im a noob im NEW!!!! its a no brainer im going to do something wrong i just found out how to post last friday and for being jerks like that ur getting reports.except tronta he did nothing wrong and got rid of my negative rep

I just said "Wrong Section,read forum rules"

Not "Aww My eye hurt" or somthing like that...

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Don't report people for flaming you just because YOU posted your created cards in the wrong section. You should've read the rules before posting.




Did anyone else notice that Deep Wicked Beast had the artwork of Phantom Beast - Rock Lizard?


Anyways, wrong section. *Hopes that won't be reported*

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DarkDueler555. If you report someone for flaming after you post in the wrong section, the reported person is not going to have anything done to him. If anything he'll get a warning.



Now, this section should be locked right now. Since it is not, I'm reporting this section for incorrect-section posting.

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