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Do you think Dark is an idiot?


Do ya?  

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I don't act like a smartass. I am a smartass.


And I think ZenQued is an idiot for not spelling my name right. Dude, there are symbols. I know you have ADD, speach impairment and bronchitis, but those diseases do not mean you can't go to Word, find the symbols, copy them, paste the- actually, ADD means he couldn't do that. It all makes sense now.


Obviously ZenQued and Computerwhiz98 don't like me because I don't agree with their opinions. And I can't say their opinions are wrong, cuz that's why it's called an opinion. Damn.


Since this thread is not made of win after my post, (ha, you act like it ever WAS made of win) the topic is now about cheesecake. I don't like cheesecake. I would much rather eat normal chocolate cake.

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Scones? I heard they were British, but that is still on my "Haven't Baked" list. Then again, there is only one other thing on their, and that is Sugar Cookies. Can't find a good enough recipe.


So, this topic is now about Sugar Cookie recipes. GOGOGO

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Food doesn't keep you company on the intranetz.



No' date=' but food keeps me company IRL while I get company on the intranetz. =O [b']Plus, the intranetz doesn't taste good.[/b]


This is true.


But, the intranetz has information.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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