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Need help with OCG on a project I'm working on.

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I know that there's already a project for this going, but I started an endeavor of my own long before I saw that project and so I'm going to see it through.


That's right, it's a Touhou YGO Project!


That said, I'm running into some problems . . .


I need the following to fit:


When this card attacks a Defense Position monster while you control a "Touhou" monster or the field is "Scarlet Devil Mansion"' date=' it is destroyed at the end of the Damage Step. When this card's effect activates because the monster was not destroyed as a result of battle, switch this monster to Defense Position at the end of the turn.[/quote']


At the very least, it needs to be made smaller -- so that I can fit it on the card without it turning ultra-microscopic.

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I'm guessing it'll come out to:

While you control a "Touhou" monster or "Scarlet Devil Mansion", when this card attacks a Defense Position monster, it is destroyed at the end of the Damage Step. If you activate this effect, switch this monster to Defense Position at the End Phase.


Ran it through the maker and it's small, but not unreadable.

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I see. Thanks. I might do a small tweak to the text if it won't change the size.


EDIT: Here's the finished card -- I know I should probably post this up in an actual forum for made cards, but I'll get to that hurdle once I'm finished with a few of the others . . . perhaps merely Rumia and Cirno (this IS the Stage 3 boss, after all). In any case, here it is, and it turns out that I could fit a few small words that I felt made a minor difference.




The artist of the image is 'sankuma', able to be found on Danbooru (or Safebooru, if you so prefer). A very good artist, as you can see. (I do, however, confess to cropping the image to prevent squashing -- oh, how I hate squashing.)


2nd EDIT: Oh, did I ever screw up on the effect. Remedied -- it originally would have been able to fire off solo, which isn't my intention (no matter how lonely her job must get).

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It's a series of scrolling-shooter games of the 'Bullet Hell' variety.



Yeah, the games have 4 difficulty modes -- Easy (my difficulty, embarrassingly enough), Normal, Hard, and Lunatic (well-deserved name) -- and each difficulty has a different degree of 'OMG BULLETS', which this being a series famous for its danmaku (lit. 'curtain fire') patterns is par for the course.


It's a really fun (and addictive) series of games to play, and the fanbase is IMMENSE (unsurprisingly, as Touhou Project itself is a purely doujin series).

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