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Finding The Event Horizon:The Ghost Ship[Starting](Accepting)


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[spoiler=Plot]You are on a special space crew that has been sent to locate and salvage the ghost ship Event Horizon,a space ship that is about the size of New York and which is known as the first ship to be able to travel the speed of light.Except it was never heard from again until 6 years later.The Event Horizon has reappeared in the atmosephere of Neptune.You have to search for the crew and logs before piloting the massive ship back.





Special Job:(Engeneer,Doctor,ect)


Bio:(Needed to determine important detail)




[spoiler=My App]

Name:Richard Clover


Special Job:Captin


Bio:served as a space pilot but let two of his crew members die to save the rest.






Captin-Richard Clover(Stella Fennes)

Engeneer-Zeke Tranis(KWLegened)



Soldier-Jack Spades(Dark Hero Flashman)




Science Tech-None

Science Tech-Michael Blackwell(Final Fantasy Revolution)



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Name: Jack Spades

Nickname: Spades

Special Job: Soldier

Age: 21

Bio: Jack is a very skilled fighter. He is very handy with a pistol, but prefers his electrosaber for close quarters combat. Jack's unit is usually the last line of defense if anything goes wrong on the ship, or to the crew. They work in secret.

Apperance: raideniuz.jpg

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Name: Zeke Tranis

Nickname: Ace

Special Job: Can I be First Mate? If not then Doctor

Age: 16

Bio:(Needed to determine important detail) Zeke joined the crew not so long ago and is enjoying the sea, he loves water and swiming. Zeke does his best to help.

Apperance: Anime-1-1.jpg

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Name: Akihiro: Bright Scholar in English


Special Job:Pilot


Bio:(Needed to determine important detail)Cool and Calm Akihiro thinks everything over. He is always 3 steps ahead of the group.He skipped Grades 2,3,4 and 5 because he was smarter than his whole class at Cadette Academy.He found Interest in the cockpit of the ship in a 8th Grade feild trip,When they where touring a Old Spaceship. For the whole semester of Pilot flight class he thought the class, he was naturally smarter than the teacher. By the time he finished high school he was 13,and already had all his College Credit's.Since that time he has went on 6 ½ a year long Space trip's. He has been living with Captain Clover since he Graduated Cadette Academy.



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