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Fusion possibilities


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Ok this isn't quite a game... But it isn't exactly fitting for realistic cards so I put it in other to be safe.


Basically, name 2 (or 3 I guess) cards that you've always wanted to see fused together, and I'll make a new (Balanced) fusion card.


I.E. Dark magician and Blue eyes white dragon

(Then I'll make the new card.)



Wasn't easy but here it is.


Magician of black chaos + Blue eyes shining dragon + Red eyes darkness dragon.

This card may only be fusion summoned with the above fusion material monsters. You can negate the effect of spell, trap or monster effects that designate this card as a target. This cards attack increases by 400 points for every dragon type monster in both players graveyard.



Fairy dragon + Stardust dragon

Once per turn, you may special summon one level 4 or lower monster from your hand to the field. If this effect is used, this card may not attack. Sacrifice one monster on your side of the field to destroy one magic or trap card on the field. The controller of this card gains 500 life points for every spell or trap card destroyed by this effect.



Dark magician girl + Dark magician

This cards attack increases by 300 for every card with "Dark magician" in its card name in the graveyard. Once per turn, by paying 1000 life points, negate the effect of a magic card activated by your opponent and destroy it.


Ehh... Kind of a mess due to the fact that the names, when melded, stretched a bit far, and the effect was tricky so there may be some OCG problems... Whatever...


Chaos emperor dragon - envoy of the end + Dark armed dragon + Judgement dragon

This card may only be fusion summoned with the above fusion material monsters. Once per turn, you can pay 1000 life points to remove remove all cards on the field (excluding this card) and graveyard from play. When this effect is used, both players must remove all cards in their hand from play.



Exodia the forbidden one + Kuriboh

This card may only be fusion summoned with the above fusion material monsters. Your opponent cannot select this card as a target. Your opponent can attack your life points directly. You can remove one card from your hand to make all damage to your life points this turn 0.

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Hush: OCG will do.


I lol'd at how you ignored all the people that says it belongs in Any Other Cards or Games.


I would say this belongs in any other cards too, it's not really a game since only you do the stuff so this belongs in Any Other Cards,since they already have _____ card request threads there

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I said I wasn't sure where this should go.



Bring it up with him, not me. And why quote my hush, ocg will do, when that had nothing to do with your statement, moneypony...


This belongs in games <-<

Money pony


Alucard I'm trying to get the freaking card up but it keep giving some bs message that it can't do it so I'm gonna start from scratch.

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JG when you fuse monsters together that have insane effects and are near impossible to freaking summon, you tend to get some problems with the OCG and possibly names. I'm doing a good job for the cards I'm being requested to fuse.

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