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The duel acedemy!

Necro Pheonix

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I know this has been done before. basically you live life at duel academy. You duel, make friends, whatever you want. I shall be the chancellor of the academy and will monitor the duels and give you points according to your skills.

This is the link for the club. Sorry if it does not work im not very good at that stuff.


Registration form

my profile

name-Haro narik

pic-rc22gx.jpg(yeah its from yu yu hakusho)


deck-Fire and Dark








prefered dorm(according to how good you honestly are)-

deck(you can use created cards)-













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-Hunter had been awake for some time that early morning, as he finally got up, arising from his bed, tired of staring at the bed above him for so long. He had been awake for about 4 hours that night, and had decided to go for a walk. As he had been walking, many people waved at him, him simply giving them a small wave back. As he arrived to the front of the school he could tell there was someone nearby, stopping as he looked around, blinking, almost more curiously then knowing.-

Hunter: Hmmmm....?

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The intercom blast during the school day.

Haro-Attention students! I am announcing an opportunity for extra credit. All students who wish to participate please report to the arena at the end of the day. You shall duel me and will be given credit based on your skill.

OOC: I think i will take away the points from the RP and make a club along with this. Ill tell you when its ready.

OOC: the club is up. Enjoy!

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