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woodland sprite otk?


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now for this u need 2 cards 1 is woodland sprite and the other is butterfly dagger -elma (yes i know its banned dont brag about it) just summon woodland sprite onto the field equip elma keep sending to the grave return back to hand and so forth


now i would like to try this but first i would like to ask u guys to see if there is any problem with this combo

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1) Cliff your just slow.


2) OTK fails lets call crab and stop this before it gets out of control


1) My new keyboard sucks and I always forget to refresh my pages so ... :D

2) Everyone can make a little mistake (well this wasn't that little) by not reading a card right, but atleast this is not a 1027 card combo that deals 4000 damage to the opponent :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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