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Contest Over, Please Lock


Whose Spoof Is Better?  

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  1. 1. Whose Spoof Is Better?

    • Genius Sage - IT'S OVER 9000!!!
    • TurboTom - The Big Gay Dance

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Okey-doke then, this is the first time I've visited this Thread ever since Genius Sage put it up, so let see how well/crap I'm doing so far:


Uh' date=' I'm not sure how to judge these. Using Tootsie pops is kinda creative. But TurboTom's has a better pic. Eh, Genius get's my vote.



Aww poop! So much for my image! :mrgreen:


Both are funny' date=' but TurboTom has my vote. I love that spoof XD



Thx mate, and I'm guessing ur a fan of Brawl Taunts too, right?


Anyway thx you two for voting, and I just hope others will join in to help us two out.

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I like Genius's better. It's funnier.


Thank you. I try to be. I took the classic "IT'S OVER 9000!" and added the tootsie pop. Though I didn't invent it. I thought of the idea' date=' then looked it up to find it had already been done.


Sage makes more sense


Thank you, I try to.


6-4, but it's still anyone's game.

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Yeah' date=' shall we go to June 31 if we don't get 10 votes by then?



Yeah, I don't see why not.


sorry genius' date=' i didn't vote for you. though...




Lol! Brilliant animation there! Thx for the vote, even though it's still 8 for Genius Sage! X(

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Okey, me and Genius Sage aggreed through PM that as soon as it's July, the one with the most votes wins, since we were getting worried as no more people were voting, so I guess that means Sage won!




Someone lock and move please...or can only Sage say that?

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