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What country do you live in?


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México' date=' we have nachos ;P



Bich, nachos are my stuff. You eat tacos, and give nachos to me. OK?


England. We drink cups of tea here.


Coffee > Tea


Tea > Non-Caffinated (sp?) Soda


I live in the hell hole that is the USA.


It's not that bad. We should rename the USA so we don't have such a bad reputation. I'll name it the URE. Under Rectal Energy.

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Panama' date=' and hating it >_>.



You are surrounded by TWO different oceans. Stop complaining.


So what?

How does this help?

We have no beaches, its all infested by trash.

And if you ever see one that is nice in the internet, its obviously photoshop'd.


And don't get me started with the government and the ignorant people that live here.

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