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Deckout OTK

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I am trying to make a deck that is tournament-worthy and affordable. I have playtested this at my local hobbyleague and I find that it works, anyone have any tips?



1x Morphing Jar

1x Sangan

3x Broww, Huntsman of Dark World

3x Mystic Tomato

3x Needle Worm

3x Thunder Dragon

3x Morphing Jar #2



1x Monster Reborn

1x Card Destruction

2x Magical Stone Excavation

2x Serial Spell

3x A Feather of the Phoenix

3x Book of Eclipse

3x Book of Taiyou

3x Upstart Goblin

3x Hand Destruction

3x The Shallow Grave



2x Desert Sunlight

3x Threatening Roar

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I am trying to make a deck that is tournament-worthy and affordable.


Im actually going to stop you right thare.


Technicly' date=' thats your problem.



There are plenty of competitive, affordable decks, especially with the release of Gold Series 2.


OT: Why are you running Broww without Dealings?

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No Thunder Drags. Replace Upstart Goblin with Needlebug Nest.

Feather of Phoenix is a cheap version of Monster Reincarnation, but puts on top of Deck instead of hand. You could easily put a Plaguespreader in their, for it adds to your Deck. Maybe a noob Yusei card, such as QH, (Quillbolt Hedgehog) to be summoned to Synch your problems into a power hungry Synchro, and then being able to draw the next turn a possibly useful card that will add to the combo. You never want to Deck out when you use a Decking Out Deck, so, the amount of cards in your Deck is essential. Not close to 50 but not close to 40, possibly 45 for that jump-start, and seeing as you have a reasonable amount:46


The only other thing I say about this Deck is, the secret to making a Deck is:

42It's own strengths.

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