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"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."


On the normal Google:


Ah use it to discover new albums by deh up-'n'-comin'.


Ah use it to plan vacations.


Ah use it to find blogs.


Ah use it to find porn.


Ah use it to establish contacts with reliable sources.


Blah blah blah.

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I use it to look for things that I have difficulty finding without a search engine


I especially use it to get to sites I've been on but forgot the url to


But really, using Google for porn is really lame. Your not going to get quality stuff and there is a high chance of getting viruses.

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Google is the only search engine I use, because it's the largest internet search engine. It covers thousands more webpages than all other search engines, and there's no ads all over the place and it's much more organized and easy to use.

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