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Its kind of different


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Bad Luck Bandit


This card must declare an attack every turn. When this card inflicts damage to your opponent's Life Points, inflict the damage to your Life Points also. If this card is Tributed to Tribute Summon a monster, destroy the Summoned monster and Special Summon this card. As long as this card remains on the field, draw 1 card from your opponent's Deck as well as from your own. Cards drawn from your opponent's Deck must be revealed before adding them to your hand. You must pay 800 Life Points to play a card drawn from your opponent's Deck.[/align]


Italics = edited parts.

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Guest JoshIcy

This card must declare an attack every turn' date=' if you cannot this card is destroyed.. When this card would inflict damage to your opponent's Life Points, reduce the damage to 0. If this card is used to Tribute Summon a monster, the summoned monster is destroyed and Special Summon this card.[/quote']


My OCG is horrible I know.

But the rest is just... Bleeeh. And this part balances it, as well as making it great Monarch Food.

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It's not even close to underpowered.


The only real downside effect is taking any Battle Damage you deal to your opponent with it.



500 Life Points to play a card taken from your opponent's hand? Discard bait for Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Snipe Hunter, or other discard effects that doesn't cost me any Life Points? Sure, I'll take 2 cards on my Draw Phase. :]


It's wicked, but teeters a little further into the overpowered realm than I'd like. The forced attack + self damaging effect is a good start for a drawback, but I'd up the Life Point cost to something like 700 or 800, really. Graverobber made you pay 2000 to use the card you stole from your opponent. :(




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wow nice pic mann. and the cards name fits the effect..thats tough sometimes.

youve heard it enough so im not gonna tell you anything bout the taking damage as well as your oppenent when you inlict battle damage but you know what i mean. thats actually really bad because your opponent can really turn things around on you with that.

nice though 8/10

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Aiku: Man that's a bad luck card. Hope hat I don't draw it. *Draw. "Bad Luck Thief" is Special Summoned from the Aiku's hand, because of it's bad luck. :D* Oh come on, poopy!


OCG: Got nothing to say, it's okay and I'm sure perfect. <--Too lazy to recheck.

Effect: First time I see something like that XD . It's one of those cards that you need to make in your Deckout Deck. It's just a slap to your opponent saying: "Maybe it's a bad luck for me, but I steal your card! ^w^"

Image and Name: Got mixed feeling for it. I like the pic, but doesn't fit well the name. Like that, without read the name, I would thought: "The One-Legged Pirate" or something like that.


Overall: 8.8/10

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