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Degrassi: The Next Generation !Spring Break!


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This is set in Season 7


You are in a Community School, you can be a student or a teacher. If you are expelled you are still in you just have to try to make up your credits if you want back in the school. From 6th to 12th grade.

Up to 3 characters



[spoiler=Original characters]

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellie_Nash













[spoiler=My Forms]

Name:Valon Tora



Appearance:My avi

Friends/Enemies:(Friends:Emma, Britney and Ashley)


Bio: Just returned after being gone for a year


Name: Yusuke Tora

Gender: M

Age: 21


Enemies: Everyone

Bio: Valon's Brother out to get everyone



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Name: Brandon mitchell

Age: 17

Gender: Male

[spoiler=Appearance] Anime_boy__Julian_by_EmoGhost.jpg



Friends/Enemies: none yet

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Ashley

Bio: An orphan transfer student from Japan. He has yet to communicate with some of the kids in the school ever since he transered to the school. He usually brings a pair of skates with him to school to do something outside school.

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Brandon was walking to the Degrassi Community school. He was almost hit by a car, driven by a junior and his 'posse'. "Get out of the damn street, you loser." the kid stated. Brandon just ignored him and walked on into the school. His first week at Degrassi and he was already public enemy #1 to the jerks at the school.

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