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Wait, Destiny can fuse too?

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This deck is horrible, I know it is. Now the question is, how can it be made less horrible?

in any case, this deck has 3 problems that must be solved-

1) It's 42 cards -too much for this type of deck- and I don't know what to drop.

2) It only has a few D-Heros, meaning it's difficult to activate Dragoon's revival effect.

3) My only method of fusion, excepting Future, is through Fusion Gate. The irony here is that, considering I use Chain Material, it's actually preferable to my OTHER option- Super Poly.




- - -Monster - 19

Destiny Hero - Dogma x3

Destiny Hero - Plasma x3

Elemental Hero Prisma x3

Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude x2

Phantom of Chaos x2

Grinder Golem x2

Destiny Hero - Malicious x2

Elemental Hero Stratos x1

Morphing Jar x1


- - -Spell - 15

Trade-In x3

Fusion Gate x3

Destiny Draw x2

Allure of Darkness x2

Fires of Doomsday x2

Scapegoat x1

Future Fusion x1

Card Destruction x1


- - -Trap - 6

Chain Material x3

Solemn Judgement x2

Crush Card Virus x1


- - -Extra

Destiny End Dragoon x3




This deck is foremost casual; If I can get it to work well enough, I might bring it to minor tournaments.

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Here's my input.

[spoiler=my suggestions]

-Definately axe-

Fires of Doomsday x2

Scapegoat x1

Grinder Golem x2


-Possibly axe depending on how you use it-

Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy x2

Future Fusion x1 (Reasoning: Chain Material+Fusion Gate seems to be the main method of fusion)



Diamond Dude x3

Defender x3


-Possibly add-

Polymerization (Might be a good move, since you'll probably get Dogma and Plasma in your hand)

Foolish Burial (Deck thinning)

Dark Grepher (Also deck thinning)



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Doomsday, Scapegoat and Grinder are there to make tokens (as tokens can be tributed to summon both Dogma and Plasma. Grinder's a double for Plasma, as he can be grabbed for an attack boost).


I figure if I'm going to be grabbing Plasma and Dogma to my hand anyway, I might as well be able to summon them.


Future Fusion serves a double-purpose- It has a possibility of getting out Dragoon if my opponent gets bad draws, and it also sends both Dogma and Plasma to the grave so my Phantom can copy them.


Infernal Prodigy serves with Fires of Doomsday for a quick summon of Plasma.


Diamond Dude, I'm really iffy about. I don't really have enough targets, I feel, to use his effect well...


Foolish I considered, but ultimately didn't put in for space reasons.


Grepher, same as foolish.

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Phantom of Chaos copies the Atk, effect, and most notably, name of the monster it removes. So it can effectively work like Prisma.


Smeg, that doesn't work. Rulings state Fusions can't be special summoned unless they were properly Fusion Summoned- Unfortunately, that extends to Destiny End's effect.

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Meh, true, Dasher is limited seeing as Dogma and Plasma can't be Special Summoned... On the other hand, Diamond Dude's only targets are Trade In, Allure, Destiny Draw, and Card Destruction. I'm almost tempted to throw in a couple Terraformings if I do put him in, just for more useful targets...

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