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What Super Smash Brothers Brawl Character do you like to use?


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1. The Super Tuff Pink Puff - Kirby

2. The Hero of Crimea With One Hell of a Sword Arm - Ike

3. The Eternal Understudy - Luigi

4. The King of Evil - Ganondorf

5. The Self-Proclaimed King of Popstar - King DeDeDe

5. Chuck Norris' Only Rival - Solid Snake

6. The King of Koopas - Bowser

7. The Fastest Thing Alive - Sonic the Hedgehog

8. The Broken God Tier Character - Meta Knight

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I don't play SSBB competitivley, so don't complain if I am using high/low tiered characters. I really don't know what is who.


1.) Meta Knight (I know he is #1 on tier list)

2.) Kirby (nice recovery, and spamming B-Up is fun)

3.) Pit (spam Side-B)

4.) Pikachu

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