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Favorite Video Game Quote?


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I've just recently beat Crisis Core, and it was amazing. There were some incredible quotes, and I had to share some with you.


Zack : (at the end) Would you say... I became a hero?


I started crying when he said that.


(Not sure if I got this one right.)


Zack: What is it you seek?


Angeal: World Domination.


Zack: That's not even funny man.


Your quotes can be from any game.


Funny, Serious, and any other kind of quotes are welcome.

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Riku appears next to Kairi in the World That Never Was


Kairi: Is that you, Riku?


(WTF? Who else could it be?)


Riku: I have changed after being in the darkness, I am a disgrace. I can't show myself to the others.


(1. NO DIP YOU CHANGED, you're hair grew 2. WELL TOO BAD if you're a disgrace, then cry about it 3. Yes you CAN, you just won't.....woos) LOL

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Quote from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.


Richter: Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.


Emil: Huh?


Richter: They're words a human with a few screws loose said long ago. When you refused to swear allegiance to Lloyd, didn't you feel courage welling up inside of you? Those who would grovel and beg, or run away at the first sight of another's anger are dogs. Or even worse. Are you a dog? Or are you really a man?


Emil: I... I'm... Uh...


Richter: Just try to do your best to be a man, Emil.

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Ratchet Deadlocked, an infomercial towards the beginning:


Kid One: I summon my level one Lawn Ninjas!


Kid Two: I counter with my Spider Bot, Level 7!


Kid One: Haha! You fell right into my trap! I play Reactor!


Kid Two: *blasted out of his clothes*


Kid One: Awesome! *looks at Reactor* Gimme some skin!


Reactor: *gives him a high-five jabronislap to hell*


Best commercial ever.

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Various quotes from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Kirby: Hiiiii!


Sonic the Hedgehog: You're too slow! C'mon, step it up! Now I'll show you!


Captain Falcon: Show your moves! Falcon Pawnch!


Ike: Prepare yourself. You'll get no symphathy from me. I fight for my friends.


Falco: Hands off my prey!


Colonel Roy Campbell: Snake?! Snake?!?! SNAAAAAAAKE!!!!!

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People posted :D


Here is another Crisis Core Quote:


(quotes from LOVELESS)


Genesis : "The wind sails over the water’s surface. Quietly, but surely."



Genesis : "Even if the morrow is barren of promises. Nothing shall forestall my return. To become the dew that quenches the land. To spare the sands, the seas, the skies, I offer thee this silent sacrifice."


^ Beautiful.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Playstation 2 Quotes


Starkiller: You never planned to destroy the Emperor!

Darth Vader: Not with you, no.

(That means Darth Vader was going to destroy the Emperor with someone else because he said "Not with you".)

The Good Ending

Darth Vader: He is dead.

The Emperor: Then he is now more powerful than ever.

(Look at what the Emperor said)


General Rahm Kota: He is at last one with the force.

(Not many Jedi/Sith become one with the force)


Darth Duelist

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Lego Star Wars 2:

every character: *mumble mumble*


Half Life 2:

*Player throws a switch*

BARNEY: Gee, Gordon, throwing switches and all. I can see you MIT graduation sure pays for itself.


KLEINER: Alright Barney, your turn.


BARNEY: Gee, thanks.



Kay: I don't fail!

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