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Rate my Dragon deck/ swarm beatdown


What do you think my deck needs to improve help by rating my deck and comment  

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  1. 1. What do you think my deck needs to improve help by rating my deck and comment

    • Choose if you think it is good
    • choose if you think it is bad
    • Choose if you want me to change some cards in deck

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monsters : 39

spells: 14


High level monters

x1 blue eyes shining dragon

x3 blue eyes white dragon

x1 tyrant dragon

x1 darkblaze dragon

x1 montage dragon

x1 felgrand dragon

x1 the creator

x1 horus the black flame dragon lv6

x1 horus the black flame dragon lv8

Low level monsters

x2 paladin of white dragon

x2 the creator incarnate

x1 horus the black flame dragon lv4

x2 mirage dragon

x3 kiaser sea horse

x2 masdked dragon

x1 rare metal dragon

x1 familair knight

x1 herald of creation

x1 spear dragon

x1 sinister serpent

x2 the dragobn dwelling cave

x1 flame ruler

x1 sonic bird

x1 luster dragon

x1 element dragon

x1 witch of the black forest

x1 spear cretin

x3 lord of D

x1 Decoy dragon


x3 flute of the summoning dragon

x2 white dragon ritual

x1 monster reborn

x1 monster reincarnation

x1 lightning vortex

x1 lighten the load

x1 swords of revealing light

x1 polymerization

x1 precious cards from beyond

x1 card of safe return

x1 mystic wok

x1 pot of avarice

x1 spell absorbtion


x1 staunch defender

x1 solemn wishes

x1 magic cylinder

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This is the wrong way to do dragons. Way too many cards are at 1. Do either Hopeless Dragon or Dragon Fusion. Here's a Dragon Fusion build modified to focus on Blue-Eyes.


Monsters: 20

3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon

3x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

1x Kaibaman

3x The White Stone of Legend

2x Exploder Dragon

2x Masked Dragon

2x Red-Eyes Wyvern

2x Elemental Hero Prisma

1x Sangan

1x Marshmallon


Spells: 15

3x Burst Stream of Destruction

3x Dragon’s Mirror

2x Burial from a Different Dimension

1x Monster Reborn

1x Future Fusion

1x Card of Safe Return

1x Heavy Storm

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Foolish Burial


Traps: 5

1x Mirror Force

1x Return from the Different Dimension

3x Dark Bribe


Main Deck: 40


Extra Deck: 6

3x Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

3x Five-Headed Dragon


Basically, use Prisma, Future Fusion and Foolish to send your BEWD and other dragons to the grave. Then use Dragon's Mirror to Summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon or Five-Headed Dragon.


Note that this is Advanced Format. If you want to use Traditional (all banned cards are limited to 1) modify and add the Traditional Staples i.e. Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, Premature Burial, ect. You won't be able to use the Traditional format in tournaments, though.

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