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Is Creator of Light - Horakhti Real?  

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  1. 1. Is Creator of Light - Horakhti Real?

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yeah but if you search it up on google images and google there are a lot of sites that state that it was a real card in japan and that it just never came out here in the u.s. i think that konami/yugioh/kazuki takahshi wants anyone to really know about that card because it is the ultimate monster fusion etc

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you do have a point maybe i should email some official people and ask them to start producing that card and maybe then we could have it in the u.s. lol

Yeah. Like they would do it.


you never know if we get enough people to do it maybe they will get really mad and just say fine and start printing them and give all the people that bugged the piss out of them like 2 or 3 each lol idk

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