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My deck focuses on getting Junk Warrior to the highest attack points possible(Hence why there is so many level 2s) and getting Stardust Dragon to the field.


Although this may look mis-matched and random I have gotten several wins with this deck, even without stuff like 'Urgent Tuning' and other stuff.


This deck was originally centred around 'Rocket Warrior' and my two 'Axe of Despair's but when I got my synchros in it focus on them.


NEW! Removed The Forgiving Maiden and Blue Thunder NEW!


My Deck




NEW 1 X Summoner Monk NEW

NEW 1 X Familiar Knight NEW

NEW 1 X Scanner NEW

NEW 1 X Hungry Burger(mmmmmm) NEW

NEW 1 X Nanobreaker NEW

NEW 1 X The Tricky NEW

NEW 1 X Torapart NEW

NEW 1 X The Forgiving Maiden NEW

NEW 1 X King Pyron NEW

NEW 1 X The Rock Spirit NEW

1 X Junk Synchron

1 X Magna Drago

1 X Speed Warrior

1 X Summon Reactor-SK

1 X Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke

1 X Blue Thunder T-45

1 X Prevent Rat

1 X Alpha the Magnet Warrior

1 X Neo the Magic Swordsman

1 X Man Eater

1 X Black Luster Soldier

1 X Vorse Raider

1 X Divine Knight Ishzark

1 X Sanga of the Thunder

1 X Battle Ox

1 X Sea Koala

1 X Suijin

1 X Mecha Bunny

1 X Fusiler Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast

1 X Giant Soldier of Stone

1 X Obnoxious Celtic Guard

1 X Noisy Gnat

1 X Quillbolt Hedgehog

1 X Hane-Hane

1 X Rocket Warrior

1 X Spell Reactor-RE

1 X Souls of the Forgotten

1 X Beta the Magnet Warrior

1 X Giant Rat

1 X Gamma the Magnet Warrior

1 X Medusa Worm

1 X Gaia the Fierce Knight

1 X Muka Muka

1 X Tyhone




NEW 1 X Spiral Spear Strike NEW

NEW 1 X Hamburger Recipe NEW

NEW 1 X Lightwave Tuning NEW

NEW 1 X Tricky Spell 4 NEW

NEW 1 X Double Summon NEW

NEW 1 X Creature Seizure NEW

NEW 1 X Graceful Revival NEW

NEW 1 X Synchro Strike NEW

NEW 1 X Synchro Deflector NEW

NEW 1 X Urgent Tuning NEW

1 X Sogen

1 X Monster Reincarnation

1 X Remove Trap

1 X De-Spell

1 X Waboku

1 X Horn of the Unicorn

1 X Synchro Deflector

1 X Reload(Shiny)

1 X Ultimate Offering

2 X Black Luster Ritual

1 X Mystical Space Typhoon

1 X Monster Reborn

1 X Tribute to the Doomed

1 X Cold Wave

1 X Fake Explosion

1 X Blasting the Ruins

1 X Mirage Tube

1 X Counter Cleaner

1 X Nightmare's Steelcage

1 X Summon Limit

1 X Fissure

1 X Destruction Ring

2 X Axe of Despair

1 X Coompulsory Evacuation Device

1 X Spellbinding Circle

1 X Flash of the Forbidden Spell

1 X Magic Cylinder

1 X Trap Hole

1 X Giant Trunade


Fusion/Synchro Monsters


1 X Junk Warrior

1 X Stardust Dragon

NEW 1 X Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth NEW

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I like Junk Warrior and it's the key card in the deck, a couple days ago I got my Junk Warrior's ATK over 8000 WITHOUT equip cards, all I used was his effect(Magna Drago's ATK + A boosted Muka Muka's ATK + A boosted Speed Warriors ATK), Sogen and monster reborning a Comrade Swordsman of Landstar from my opponent's graveyard. That's the main reason why I like Junk Warrior.

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Junk Synchron x3

The Calculator x3

Copycat x2

Nimble Momonga x3

Giant Germ x3

Mystic Tomato x2

Quillbolt x3


Spirit Reaper



Foolish Burial x2

Allure x2






creature swap x2

Book o Moon x2



torrential tribute

bottomless trap hole x2

threatning roar x2

limit reverse x2


well...i tried, i think its better than the one you did...

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The only similarities between my deck and Yusei's is Junk warrior' date=' Junk Synchron, Speed Warrior and Stardust Dragon. Wow, they're just cards anyone could have them.


Stardust is good.

Speed Warrior is bad.

We're trying to help you here...

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Max Warrior?

[spoiler= This. ]


When this card attacks an opponent's monster' date=' it gains 400 ATK during damage calculation only. If this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle, this card's Level becomes 2 and its original ATK and DEF are halved until your next Standby Phase.


It's Speed Warrior backwards....



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Although this may look mis-matched and random I have gotten several wins with this deck' date=' even without stuff like 'Urgent Tuning' and other stuff.



Several Wins, who'd you win against, 5 year olds who use Witty Phantom. Either buy a Structure Deck and focus from that, or any other decent theme. and/or quit and go cry at home.

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Though it may have cost you a fair amount of money, this deck is still not very good. Face it: YuGiOh is a rich man's game. If you can't deal with that fact, YGO is definitely not the game for you. Buy a few copies of Spellcaster's Command. You can make a fair deck with it for a pretty low price. And for God's sake, don't try to put Spellbinding Circle or Magic Cylinder in it. Good luck.

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if u wanna use stardust then go buy some tins and build stardust assualt deck, i have a friend who is giving me the build tomorrow and i'll post it on here so u can follow the format, just please do everyone a favor and don't run this, you're gonna get laughed at if you don't stop using this thing


i'm not being mean i'm trying to give u some advice here

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Come on, guys! This has to be one of the best decks I've seen in a long time. He's using meta-breaking cards such as Nightmare Steelcage and Shiny Reload! And you niggas best be trollin' if you're tellin' me De-Spell and Sogen suck. The guy's using his favourite cards that just happen to be game winners. Get better at the game and only come back when you realize the pure genius of this deck.

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