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Shadow Mir

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You are a passenger on Flight 1337. Through strange circumstances, your flight crashes on a strange island inhabited with zombies, ghosts, and monsters. You and the survivors of Flight 1337 must join together and hold off the advancing swarms of zombies and other monsters until the rescue squad comes along to take you back to the homeland. Too bad they can't come for at least 6 months. You'll discover new loves, friendships, and rivals on this island, and if that plane doesn't come, you'll have to make a civilization and keep everyone alive.












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The 1337 flight? Cool.


Name: Daisuke Atamagaii

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weapon: Telepathic and telekinesis powers

Personality: Intelligent and a strong fighter, but shies away from violence unless absolutely necessary. Never one to give up, he always searches for that last gleam of hope. Being shunned by many for his powers, he is not very social. Doesn't understand things like sarcasm, and is very gullible. Also very clumsy.



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Cool RP

Name:Shinu Kiry



Weapon:G36E and sword.

Personality:calm,very humorous,sarcastic,barley talks, strong spirited,always up for a fight and thrills.

Apperance:my avatar, except its not a robe its a black hoody, black pants,and black shoes with white strips.He has blonde spiky hair and always has his hood on(unless someone takes it off, don't :p).


I just relized that im a little young to handle a gun so I edit it to my favourite age :D.

lol its the same age just backwards.

and by the way I invited Demcro to this RP :D

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Name: Elizabeth

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Weapon: Deagle(with alteast 9million bullets xDD) and a knife

Personality: Im shy,but I can be very conversational(like conversationalist).I can be very humerous and nice person,but mean as well.Many people thinks I look like an emo,cuz of my dressing style,but im not(can u believe that?? xDDNo,really...).What else?I like to party and i'm wery outgoing(I guess...).I don't believe in love in first sight.

Appearance: I think this pic. could be it^^:


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