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With a new name comes a new banner. I'd like a sig with this pic. You'll have to render out the background first, I hope that's okay, but it looks like an easy render.




For the background, I'd like it dark blue (like in the pic) and white and silver (or grey, it doesn't really matter) with a lightning design, but slightly blurry.

For the text, I'd like white text (you can place it where it looks best) that states: Genius Sage.


Whoever wants to do it, go ahead. I'll pay anyone who tries 300 points (unless you barely tried and just posted something crappy to get points), and the one whose banner I choose an extra 300 points.

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Kuribo Knight, yours is better, but I'm still going to wait for someone else.


Dog-King, no offence, but that just looks horrible I can see all you did was cover the background and make lightning bolts with the paint program.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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