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You Better Pray - A Blackwing Varient

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You think the war is over

I've only shown you the tip of the iceberg

And you rely upon your lawyers

But at night when you sleep does it bother you?


Monsters: 18


3 Blackwing - Bora the Spear

3 Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind

3 Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow

3 Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame

2 Blackwing - Sirroco the Dawn

2 Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive

1 Morphing Jar

1 Black Salvo


Spells: 13


3 Book of Moon

2 Cold Wave

2 Black Whirlwind

2 Pot of Avarice

1 Brain Control

1 Heavy Storm

1 Giant Trunade

1 Monster Reborn


Traps: 9


3 Reckless Greed

3 Solemn Judgement

2 Icarus Attack

1 Torrential Tribute


Synchro deck: 15


Mostly Generic, still working on DSF's and Armor Masters.


Okay, I built this in about 10 minutes. I want to fit another Dekoichi and Black Salvo in here. I don't have Blizzards or a Anti-Reverse, but I can borrow them.


Anyway, this is my first Blackwing Build, so please help me out.



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Solemn isn't good in BWs.

Try "My Body as a Shield"' date=' Dark Bribe, PWWB, etc. instead.

Also, side Torrential instead of maining it. Add in some BTH instead.



This isn't the OTK version, rather a control version. I like Solemns to control the field.


Why side Torrential?


@Akira: What to take out for it?

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Maybe you could use a Battlestorm or Swallow's Nest card?


Battlestorm is a cool card and it looks f***'n awesome' date=' but it's kind off slow, and based on what the TC is doing here, it won't help.

Swallow's Nest, possibly, but not really here either.



Swallow's Nest is interesting, I'm considering it. I tried Battlestorm, but it failed.

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