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Guest Delinquent Girl NiAtSoFi

This is my deck. Only 50 cards.



Spiral Serpent

Chainsaw Insect x3

Goblin Attack Force

Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei

Zombyra the Dark

Berserk Gorilla

Dark Elf

Gene-Warped Warwolf

Luster Dragon

Archfiend Soldier

Insect Knight

Mad Dog of Darkness

Vorse Raider

Gemini Elf

Alien Shocktrooper


Slate Warrior


Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke

Chiron the Mage

Enraged Battle Ox

Pitch-Black Warwolf

Tenkabito Shien

Obnoxious Celtic Guard

Battle Footballer

Wall of Illusion

Mask of Darkness

Mystical Elf

Gyaku-Gire Panda

Great Maju Garzett



Monster Reincarnation

Dark Factory of Mass Production


Axe of Despair

Wicked Breaking Flamberge-Baou




Magic Cylinder


Rope of Life


Sakuretsu Armor

Bottomless Trap Hole

Dust Tornado

Solemn Judgment

Negate Attack


Soul Resurrection

Skill Drain


A couple combos:

Playing Monster Reincarnation or Wicked Flamberge to discard Spiral Serpent, then playing Birthright or Soul Resurrection to bring it back, then releasing it for Great Maju Garzett with 5800 ATK.


Skill Drain on the Goblin Force, Lei Lei, Dark Elf, Berserk Gorilla, and Zombyra.

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You shouldn't have to list "combos" at the bottom. You should aim to make the entire Deck into one, stronger combo. This usually means running a lot of cards in sets of three. For example, since you seem to like Chainsaw, you could try running 3x Skill Drain, 3x Chainsaw, 3x Goblin Force and so on to start a Skill Drain Deck.

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