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If Fiend Roar Deities come to TCG, I may start playing again.

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It's been forever since I've built a Yugioh Deck, so R/F as needed.



Monsters: 24 (holy sheet...)

3x Gold

2x Dark Necrofear

2x Sillva

2x Caius

1x Chaos Sorcerer


3x Broww

2x Rigorous Reaver

1x Morphing Nyeargh

1x Night Assailant


3x Fiend Roar Deity Raven

2x Fiend Roar Deity Luri

2x FRD Cruz


Spells: 13

4x Heavy, MST, Reborn, Brain Control

1x Card Destruction

1x Card of Safe Return

2x Creature Swap

3x Dark World Dealings

2x Dark World Lightning


Traps: 3

3x Threatening Roar


Extra: Generic ft. The Fiend Roar guys

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1) Why does that end the topic? Is that really the only thing that I could change in this deck to improve it? If so, sweet.

2) I already have a tuner, and though the bird seems better stand alone than luri, I think luri has more synergy being Chaos food, Necrofear food, and a random target for Cruz if need be.

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