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I was INCREDIBLY bored, so I made this deck list up for no reason.




Earthbound Immortal Uru

EI Aslla piscu

EI Cusillu

EI Ccarahua

EI Ccapac Apu

EI Wiraqocha Rasca

Mezuki x3

Card Trooper x2

Pyramid Turtle x2

Morphing Jar


Book of Life x3

Monster Reborn

Zombie World x2

Magic Reflector x2

Terraforming x2

Card Destruction x2

Magical Mallet x2

Lightning Vortex x2


Mausoleum of the Emperor

Earthbound Whirlwind

Foolish Burial


Metal Reflect Slime x2

Threatening Roar x2

Dark Illusion

Solemn Judgement




I'm not even sure HOW playable it is, I just wanted to make this out of sheer boredom. Enjoy grilling it for using every Immortal.

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The massive lack of Zombie master' date=' the fact thats illegal, and the fact that your runing ALL of the Earthbound Immortals, makes this deck bad. Really bad.



^ This. Make it around one immortal, -2 mezuki -1 card trooper (to make it legal)+ 3 Zombie Master

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