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Well... I'll give it a shot. Doesn't seem too hard, really.


Incredible! Precision Cloning Technique!

Normal Spell Card

Select 1 monster on the field. Special Summon 1 "Ditto Token". The token's ATK, DEF, Type, Attribute, Level, and effect are the same as the targeted monster's. The token's name is also treated as the selected monster's.

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Well, that's a bit difficult. The majority of Spell and Trap Cards in the game are immediately sent to the Graveyard after its activation. I'm going to assume you mean cards that stick around (i.e. monsters and Continuous Spells and Traps.) so that's what this is going to affect:


Masterful Mimicry Technique - Correlatus

Normal Trap Card

When you activate this card, select 1 face-up card on the field. If it is a monster, is card is treated as a Monster Card, and is Special Summoned to your Monster Card Zone. Its ATK, DEF, Attribute, Type, Level, name, and effect are the same as the selected card. (This card is also still treated as a Trap Card.) If the selected card is a Spell or Trap Card, this card gains the effects of that card.

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