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Because of you, haris!

Jovi Siagian

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[spoiler=Because you made this smexy tut, it convinced me to follow them! Because of following that tut, I have come up with a crappy result! Because of making a crappy thing, I have to stay awake until...


*looks at the clock on the taskbar*


1:21 in the morning! So because of you, I won't have much sleep! RAEG!!][align=center]Nah, not really. School's over and I can sleep at 2 and wake up at 11. And I really like the outcome, although I'm pretty sure most of you guys don't. >.>


Anyway, Comments and Critiques



Render Used[/align]


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Center focal is ok for certain styles, this just happens to be one of the few, not much time so Ill just say it needs work and ill edit later on what

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I like the style' date=' focal doesn't seem centered to me[/i'], that thing on the left with the red eyes distracts from teh focal, lighting is OK but could use some work.

@raiN, dun hypocrite teh thread man D:


Really? And I knew there is something wrong with that! I just didn't know what >.<

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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