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1-on-1 Challenge: Genius Sage vs. turtleking281


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[align=center]I've decided to do another 1-on-1.



[spoiler=Rules]- All YCM rules apply.

- You must give legitimate reasons for your vote, or else it won't count. That is why there is no poll.

- The first to 10 votes win.

- If no one reaches 10 votes by July 15, the one with the most votes wins.

- If no one votes for 3 days, the one with the most votes wins.

- Above two rules will be overruled if the current votes end at a tie.

- No voting for yourself. You can, however, vote for the opponent, if that makes any sense.




[spoiler=Card Requirements]- Make a card of a video game character.

- The character can really be in the game, or can be a character with fanart of that character in the game.




[spoiler=Prizes]Winner - +3 Reps

Loser - +1 Rep




Genius Sage





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