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contest over please move and lock


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Now I have a fusion contest!!! The rules are you need to have the fusion monster with the cards to make it, needs to have 7000 attack or less, and the same for the defense. If it is an effect monster, you need to have a good effect. I hope everyone enjoys this contest. good luck to everyone entering the contest. I will post results by July 21 to see who won. I need a post from the winner to see to he or she felt when they won the contest. You can only fuse two to three monsters.


There are 3 rounds


Entry fee: 3 points








1st place:20 points 1 REPS

2nd place:15 points 0 REPS

3rd place:10 points 0 REPS





Round 1: July 2 - July 15

Round 2: July 21 - September 15

Round 3: September 15 - September 29

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You just need 4 more posts. Once you get to 25, you'll be a 2 star, and are allowed to give out reps for prizes. It's against the rules to give reps for prizes if you're a 1 star, unless they changed the rules and I didn't read them.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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