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The High School Life PG-16 (Started, Still Accepting via P.M.)


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I know, this idea has been used alot, but I wanted to take my own shot at it.

[spoiler=Plot](You should know) your a teenager just trying to get past High School, but maybe have some fun along the way. You go to class, chase after your crush, maybe get into some fights, and live through High School.




Application Forum:






Bio (optional):

Crush (optional):



My App has been changed.

[spoiler=My Application Forum:]

Name: Dante Sares

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Grades: Mostly B's and C's



Bio: Nah

Crush: Sissy

Personality: Laid Back, Easy going, somewhat cocky.




[spoiler=Accepted RPer's]

1. ~Solid Snake~ - Dante Sares

2. anbuman - Takuro Yatarusho

3. swatking55 - Britney

4. Pragboy1 - Sissy Namo

5. grimreaper450 - Vladmir

6. Finale Shot - Vayne Worthy



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Guest Lily

Name: Sissy Namo

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Grades: B to A

Appearance: ad338adb389afc6ab98ad78d94069e1d_web.png

Bio (optional): (I'll do it later)

Crush (optional): None right now.

Personality: Usually calm, though can get a little hot headed. Very shy.

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Bio (optional):Vladimir loves to hang out and party, sadly his grades are low becuase of his Band and Skateboarding Career, Vladimir often is usually Calm unless he is Depressed.

Crush (optional):Sissy

Personality:Funny, Calm, laid back

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Vladimir walked in front of the School waiting "Man i hope their are Cute girls" Vladimir said Grabbing his Ipod, "Seems like me and that other kis are the only ones here" Vladimir said pointing to Dante. Vladimir began to walk over to Dante, while looking at his Ipod "Hmm.... do i want to Listen to The Devil Wears Prada's Hit song Still Fly or do i want to Listen To Bring Me The Horizon's Hit song Suicide Season?" Vladimir asked himself as he went threw his favorite songs on his Ipod. "Or should i go online and Check out my Myspace and Facebook." He asked himself again. "I'll just listen to The Devil Wears Prada's Still Fly, i mean it is my favorite song next to Suicide Season." Vladimir said playing Still fly and Putting it on full Blast and on Speaker mode. "Ahh...a great song..." He said as he sat in front of Dante "Hi im Vladimir and you might be...?" Vladimir stopped waiting for a answer.

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OoC: Oh, yea Dante's left arm is broken, so it's being held up by, because he won't go to the Hospital, one of his other shirts.

Dante looked up at him before raising his head. "I'm Dante." Dante just looked at Vladmir, before finally saying "So, you new here too, the Smallest High School in the US?" He gestured towards the small building in front of them with his chin. After doing this he grabbed some pills out from his coat. "Hey, got any water?"

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Name: Vayne Worthy

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Grades: B-A

Appearance: 089.jpg

Bio: A seemingly average kid. Is usually annoyed by crushes since they tend to be to obvious. He isn't very social. He never seems to try hard at much. Also seems to be a sort of expert on social behavior but can be oblivious to things involving him.

Crush: None

Personality: Has a mainly calm personality.

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"Yeh'" Vladimir said grabbing a bottle of water out of his Backpack. "Yeah, im new and i came early" Vladimir smiled while handing the water to Dante. Vladimir began to mouth the words to Still Fly "You don't mind if i listen to it loud do ya?" Vladimir asked Dante. "I hope he doesnt care, i forgot my headphones so yeah..." Vladimir said in his head. "you want some Cheetos?" Vladimir asked throwing a 99 Cent bag of Cheetos on the table "I hate them now, they just suck and my mom snuk these into my backpack like i was a dumb 4 year old that don't know how to pack a friking lunch!" Vladimir said then he looked at his Black Ferarri "Ahhh....Shes a beauty.." Vladimir said pointing at the Ferarri.


ooc:Sadly these are my longest posts ever : D

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