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LOCK (jeroukoo will make new one)


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Everyone except Sigefried has died, but Sigefried is the new Nightmare. The Edge Master has sent Soul Calibar to aawaken the dead fighters. Soul Edge was never destroyed, and The Edge Master wanta it destroyed once and for all. If you are awaken by Soul Calibar, you are good. If Soul Edge awkens you, you work for him.





Love (optional):


My forum

User: pegasasu

Character: Xianghua

Love (optional): post later


Jeroukoo's forum

User: jeroukoo

Character: Hwang Seong-gyeong

Love: ---



1.1 Abyss- Davok

1.2 Algol

1.3 Amy

1.4 Arthur

1.5 Astaroth

1.6 Cassandra

1.7 Cervantes

1.8 Charade

1.9 Dampierre

1.10 Edge Master

1.11 Frederick

1.12 Hilde

1.13 Hong Yun-seong

1.14 Hwang Seong-gyeong- jeroukoo

1.15 Inferno

1.16 Ivy

1.17 Kilik

1.18 Li Long

1.19 Lizardman

1.20 Maxi

1.21 Mitsurugi

1.22 Necrid

1.23 Night Terror

1.24 Nightmare- Lord JZ of the Enigma

1.25 Olcadan

1.26 Raphael

1.27 Revenant

1.28 Rock

1.29 Seong Han-myeong

1.30 Seong Mi-na

1.31 Setsuka

1.32 Spawn

1.33 Sophitia

1.34 Taki

1.35 Talim-Supreme Gamemaster

1.36 Tira

1.37 Voldo

1.38 Xianghua- pegasasu

1.39 Yoshimitsu

1.40 Zasalamel

1.41 Lloyd- Zenrais

1.42 Heihachi

1.43 Yoshimitsu

1.44 Shadow- pragboy1

1.45 Collous- kyubi

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Y'know, it's spelled "Soul Calibur."


Guest characters applicable? (id est, Link, Spawn, Heihachi, Yoshimitsu, Yoda, Starkiller, Darth Vader)

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

User: Supreme Gamesmaster Yddisac

Character: Talim

Love (optional): Link-kun


Who is Starkiller?

Lord Vader's apprentice from Force Unleashed and additional guest character of Soul Calibur IV.

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Uh, why not...?


Also, pegasusu, they have a point: Yoshi and Heihachi are both guest characters from Tekken. You haven't mentioned how many characters one person can control, either. You got some 'splaining to do.

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