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The other cheap Crossroads of Chaos archtype

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This topic is ment to discuss Iron Chain cards. Yes they are not an amazingly good deck type but i recently went up against one at my locals and they aren't all bad. There are plenty of ways to create easy attack locks by spamming the Messenger of Peace into your deck along with gravity Bind and whatnot. Plus they have an endless way of recycling a Tuner monster using Iron Chain Repaiman. Add that to the fact that Coil gives all those attack boosts and our field just got even more secure. The only major issues the deck faces are with

1.Speed- thees guys are Earth monsters with no draw cards

2.Actual Iron Chains-Iron Chains burn aspect is just stupid im only talking about cards we would play in a deck out and that leaves us with only 3 actual diffrently named Iron Chains wich sucks.

3.LS-Shouldnt have to explain this one

4.Back Row-They are dependent on the attack blockers and the poison chains. An easily fixed problem by putting in Dark bribe and maybe Judgement of Anubis but whos going to spend that kind of money on a deck like this? So put in destruction jammer, it does the same thing largely just with a worse cost to deal with.



Anyways, I just think that the deck isnt all bad and it tags well with Morphs since they have all those attack locks too and is semi-competent only it stuggles against LS. Discuss archtype in general

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