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Bring back the Traditional Format


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The point of Advanced format is so that no specific deck is super powerful. That's why so many cards ran in Teledad decks have been limited. We're all just waiting for them to take more brutal action on Lightsworns. If you ask me, I say they ban Judgment Dragon (the card not YCM member) and DAD. Then if those decks continue to succeed then just ban a lot more stuff. Everyone using those decks in tourneys has become boring. Stuff like Spellcaster, Siz Samurai, and stuff in my sig might go somewhere in tourneys.

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I'm new but I don't think this is the right place for this thread.


But on topic me and all my friends play Traditional format. I never go to Tournaments because I don't like them but playing with a ton of my friends for over 8 hours work.


When we play we never really have a problem with over-powered cards because the other player probably has them too. I don't really see a problem with everybody's deck having 1 Change Of Heart. I read that Chaos decks are the only thing played in Traditional but we aren't like that. I have 14 decks currently with not one Chaos card. My friend has Black Luster Soldier in 1 of his 5 decks but if he gets it out then oh well that is part of the fun of the game.


Overall I don't think Traditional is as bad as people make it seem, we play hundreas of Traditional games no problem.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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