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A deck my friend made

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Back while Six Samurai was still a popular archetype, my friend made this deck and reportedly won a few tournaments with it. Is it still any good these days?


Shien x3

Grandmaster x3

Enshi x2

Irou x2

Zanji x3

Yaichi x3



Heavy Storm

Cold Wave x2

Unity of the Six Samurai x3


Reasoning x2

Reinforcement of the Army x3

Brain Control


Mirror Force


Solemn x3

Bottomless Trap Hole x3


Any bans or limiteds being over-used here, I don't know about. This deck is untouched since Hand of the Six Samurai came out, so if anybody wants to play this deck, replace bans/limiteds with more Handage. That's all I can really say here, except for the strategy.


So all it really is is a fast, aggressive Special Summoning beatdown with great S/T support. Any weaknesses can be fixed, I guess, so just tell me what I should do to mutilate his original masterpiece.

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