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An anti-meta card: Engineer of Hidden Settings

Exa Raiun

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When this monster is Summoned, remove from play Semi-Limited and Limited cards from the field and either player's Graveyard. As long as this card is on the field, only Unlimited cards can be played.


This time I came up with a weird idea - a card which makes impossible to use Semi-Limited and Limited cards, as long as it is on the field. Yes, I know it can really screw up some decks, but that's part of my intentions. The name refers the banlists as "hidden settings". The image is from deviantart.

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Not really.

Its only really searchable via RoTA' date=' and it's effect changes with every ban list.



That's why I called it the anti-meta card - it flexibly changes with the ban lists, which are part of the meta. And while she has 1900 ATK, as she doesn't have any protection from Spell, Trap or Monster Effects, so she is actually not that hard to get rid of. There are other Unlimited Level 4 monsters with 1900 ATK and a powerful effect, that's why I felt it balanced enough.

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