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MegaMan invited into Smash Bros?!


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I didn't see anything about Megaman in Smash Bros. Quote that. If it's even there.

All I saw was Grand Smash Tourny and Professor Layton.


Read everything!


This is nothing like I thought! I had to FIGHT a blue robot boy' date=' a possessed doll, and a little boxer![/quote']
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Nah this is just a teaser, Megaman was orginally suppose to be in SSBB but copyright issues got ReRe'd, possessed doll was suppose to be Geno (A character wanted by many) and the little box refers to little mac from punchout who just so happens to be a assist trophy.


The reason for Megaman being a possible character is because of the games he has stared in for different nintendo platforms.




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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