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sly cooper 4 (accepting)(started)


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got idea for sly cooper 4 storyline frrom a video on youtube

link to club if you want to join http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-132529.html

plot: Clockwerk has a brother and has kept himself alive using the same method as Clockwerk. But now he has stolen a prototype time machine. He attempts to change history to his liking and bring back Clockwerk and Clock-La. Help end his Devious plan or benefit from the destruction of the cooper clan.


you can be already made characters like sly and his gang or you can make your own character






type(agility, brains, strength):

weapon/gadget of choice:

side(good thief,bad thief,other,cop):

special abilty(s):

what episode you appear:



Name: Wolf

Age: 19

gender: Male

animal: Wolf

type(agility, brains, strength): half agility, half strength

weapon/gadget of choice: wrist knives

side(good thief,bad thief,other,cop): good thief

special abilty(s): summons aboriginal wolf spirit that crush enemys, sonic howl

what episode you appear: 2 and for all the episodes after

special skills: lock picking, speed, persuasion

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Name: Joey

Age: 15

gender: M

animal: Kangaroo

type(agility, brains, strength): agility/brains

weapon/gadget of choice: boxing gloves(always on and deal extra damage), feet/hands

side(good thief,bad thief,other,cop): good thief

special abilty(s): high jump, big stomp

what episode you appear: all

skills: strategy

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Name: Fawkes

Age: 89

gender: M

Animal: old monkey

type: brains,brains,brains

weapon: always new inventions (not like bentley, devastating and cooler inventions)

side: ex-good thief, helps the young thieves with their coups

ability: much experiences, knows all security systems, one of the best inventors in the world.

episode: here and there in all of them

skills: cleverness, psychological tricks (effective against stupid enemies)

[spoiler=Fawkes 73 years ago. His thief career began] Montague_Pomme_F__rites_by_venkman_project.jpg


[spoiler=Fawkes 50 ys ago at the high point of his 'career'. With his standard weapon - the Fraze-Guns]Space_Monkey_by_zazB.jpg


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Name: Brech

Age: 17

gender: Male

animal: Bear

type(agility, brains, strength): strength

weapon/gadget of choice: Mouth and Claws

side(good thief,bad thief,other,cop): good theif

special abilty(s): Adrealine Rush, Maul

what episode you appear: 2-4

skills: Demolishing

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does anybody want a second character, and accepted

Name:Clockwerk the II

Age: ?????



type(agility, brains, strength):brains, strength

weapon/gadget of choice:the armor

side(good thief,bad thief,other,cop):pure evil

special abilty(s):time travel

what episode you appear:at least once in each

he's clockwerks little brother (but more dangerous)

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Name: Marx


gender: Male

animal: Husky (dog)

type: Agility

weapon/gadget of choice: Wrist mounted claws

side: Good thief

special abilty(s): Short range teleportation

what episode you appear: All

skills: Spire jump, rail walk, paraglide

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yes you do, oh and i'm going to be a character my friend made up until you meet and break my guy out of jail in episode 2, after you get my main character out of jail someone else can control him

here he is (oh and he's carmalitas brother)

Name:Hunter Fox




type(agility, brains, strength):agility

weapon/gadget of choice:lazer wrist knife and shock pistol

side(good thief,bad thief,other,cop):good thief

special abilty(s):super jump

what episode you appear: all of them

skills:all of slys

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